Friday, January 20, 2012

Versatility is key

Don't you love one outfit that is so versatile it can go any way the wind blows? Since I am on the hunt to make-over a friends wardrobe...and one who has no idea how clothing really works for us....I thought it would be a good idea to focus on very versatile pieces so she doesn't have to put too much thought into it as well as not be stuck in the "outfit box." You know, the same top that you wear with the same pants, with the same accessories....boooorrrring! lol.

Beyond Vintage shirts blouse, £178
Maison Scotch leather jeans, $141
Leather clutch, $210
Clutch hand bag, $98
Shop handbag, $60
Sylvia Toledano gold plated jewelry, £150
House of Harlow 1960 14k jewelry, $75
J Crew 14k jewelry, $30
Jessica Simpson Cameo Matte Gold -, $28
Brigitte Bailey Maggie at, $30

Look how easily a lace top and jeans can go from a chic lunch date look, to a edgy girls night out to a flea market outing/ just running around town look. I love the versatility of this!! It's been an interesting and fun process so far....Cindy and I do not have the same taste in clothes so it is really making me work at finding pieces and price points she and I can both agree on. It's great fun!! {Move over Stacy London!! There's a new girl in town!) And it is feeding my shopping fire...which is always nice :) Mr. H couldn't agree more!

Have a fabulous stylish Friday.....the world is your runway!
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Bonny said...

My motto is not to hang pieces together just because you bought at same time....I do organize my closet by items and then by color. I am much more versatile in my style now than 20 years ago when I started doing closet organization... For what that's worth. :). You are a beautiful designer and your friend is one lucky girl!!!! Love your blogs!!! xoxo

Anonymous said...

I love everything you put together here. You are AMAZING. Maybe this is something I can look for once this baby weight is off. April 28th will be my deadline. I'm not so sure I can deal with one more scrunchy, sweat pants and t's any longer. I agree, your friend is very lucky. And I too, love your blogs.