Monday, January 16, 2012

Spots and sanity.

The girls are home after a long stay up at my parents and they are back to school tomorrow.  This morning I am unpacking them, doing some laundry and some random errands to get us organized for the week
 but before I head out, I wanted to share with you the finished product from my slip-covering escapade early last week. Two slipper chairs, in a grey sort of leopard dalmatian print nubby linen. I am LOVING these! Brian is loving that they are out of his garage after a 6 month stay in the holding pen before they were pretty enough to be invited in. Ha! Little does he know it just makes more room for something else ;)

Also, happy to report that Avery's room is coming together nicely! The pink walls are TDF! I'm going to be doing a fabric covered headboard in the same fabric I used for the chair slipcovers and will post photos as I go along with that. I'm also planning on torturing myself by painting an old dresser she has to look like this.....

I showed Brian and he looked at me like I was insane.  I agree! I just need to commit to the colors I want to use...can you believe I am a total commitment phobe when it comes to making colors choices for our's crazy! I think once her room is more put back together I'll post some photos and color options and maybe all of you can help me? please!?!

Avery also has me on the hunt for a lamp like the one above-- I love that as I was browsing for inspiration, this is something that jumped out to her. We'll see what I can find as I have scoured etsy and ebay and nothing so far-- I might have to find something similar and spray paint it gold.....I mean, what's one more thing to paint, right???

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A Lived in Home said...

ALL beautiful images! Love the orange headboard!