Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Mom of the year!

Miss A was sick on and off last week and after her fever spiked on Friday night, I took her to the doctor on Saturday morning. She has walking pneumonia and you could literally hear her little lungs crackling as she took a deep breath! Wowza! Yep, mom of the year here!!  I had no idea until Friday night-- I honestly just thought she had a nasty cold. Anyway, she has been on antibiotics and is well on her way to a full recovery, thank goodness! Tomorrow, she'll be off to school for at least half the day. I am wondering how much just a half day will wipe her out. We'll see....

Anyway, this has rendered me home for the last few days. Finishing up projects around the house and making a few things. I have been lounging in sweats and really enjoying that...gahhhh what is wrong with me?? I am usually not a fan of sweats! I did add a few embellishments to my cozies and once it is in tutorial form, I'll share them with you. We have also spray painted  one of  Avery's dress forms and painted another in a metallic flame stitch type pattern. I'll share photos of those when they are aired out and back in her room. Yes, I did allow Miss A to help with these projects....I'm sure the fumes certainly helped clear her lungs.... mom of the year! That's me! I also got Avery's gallery wall completed in her room.

We are just waiting on one print from Cozamia to pop in that 8x10 frame and we'll be all set there! Her headboard is still waiting.....for some reason it seems so daunting. I know it will end up not being that bad but I have chosen to do the smaller projects first. Sometimes that make me feel like I have accomplished more :) Silly ha?? This afternoon we're going on a hunt for a lampshade - which will mean my bribing Avery with frozen yogurt or something.  What's that?? Yes, yes I am mom of the year! Thank you for asking! 
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