Thursday, January 26, 2012

The life

Do you remember a while back I had mentioned that I had the urge to paint? Not paint as in paint a room, but paint as in art. Well, a few weeks ago I found this fantastic art set that one of the kids had that was pretty much untouched and it has been sitting there beckoning me to do something with it. Since Avery was sick this week, I decided to pull it out and have a little relaxed fun with her. She and I had a fabulous time painting. I think the fact that it is hard to tell which ones are mine and which ones are hers speaks to the fact that I should really stick to sewing. ;)

Although, I could get used to this....

I've been doing a lot of "stopping to smell the roses" lately and I have to say I am really enjoying it. I feel centered and am craving quiet time with less chaos, fewer distractions and meaningful time spent with people I love.  It's interesting to me as it seems a little out of character for me to want down time, but I'm just going with it. Evolving, I think! I have a stack of books to read too.. and a journal with one page full! lol. I'd love to have a creative journal full of all the inspiring things I read....but that means I will probably never get through a single book, because a page read would lead to a journal entry, a little picture to color or paint and then that would spur some sort of sewing project.....ahh ha! There I am! Still me, just a little more evolved.
ps- Do any of you have any great book suggestions?

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Unknown said...

Great book suggestion... now you may not want to read this book because it will lead to reading the rest of the series which is AH-MAZING and addicting and oh so gratifying. Outlander by Diana Gabaldon. Outlander is the first book of seven, Diana is currently working on book eight. If you love a bit of magic, a romance that transcends time, some steamy love scenes, and an amazing retreat from reality, GET THE BOOK. Read the first 100 pages and you'll be hooked.

Anonymous said...

lady s - I just got Kelly Wearstler - Hue from Amazon for $19 - its inspiring decor & color on every page