Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Inspired a la pinterest

The girls are spending the last full week of their winter break up at my parents place....which has freed up my time as you can image! Monday I spent a good portion of the day reading magazines and.....pinning, of course! Brian and I sat down to dinner and he asked what I had done during the day, with such an empty house.....I sort of chuckled...because I so rarely don't do much of anything. Walking the dogs was my main accomplishment for the day!  Oh and I was a pinning queeeennnnn!!  I found and ordered quite a few prints for Avery's room as well as for my gallery wall which I will be re-working in the near future.
Art for Avery

Do you love these? Run Wild my Child and Rosie and her Bee will be living in Avery's room along with a few other pieces I have been collecting. Pure and Real will be included on my gallery wall. So excited to re-do that.  Are you wondering about the fabulous dress on green what I wore illustration? Isn't it TDF!!  I just discovered Danielle Kroll - via pinterest of course! She is a graphic designer and illustrator and her work is fantastic!! Love it! I'll  be tuning in to her blog daily for a little eye candy. All of this is inspiring me to do a little painting! Could be fun.......and what more do I have to do this week anyway??  Oh, yeah, paint Avery's room....was hoping for a little more creative painting... but it'll have to do for now. The babydoll is expecting to return home to a pink bedroom!

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