Friday, January 27, 2012

Handmade boho chic.

Bags are a big deal around here and I guess that is to be expected with three females in the house-- one who particularly loves designing bags! Have you missed Gardenhouse bags? I was looking through blog posts from eons ago and I think every other entry was a bag-- sort of miss that! The bag is back today...and I have a weekend of sewing ahead so hopefully I'll have more bag and sewing posts to come!

Do you love this hobo? The bottom is an INSANE silk cut velvet in avocado and turquoise-- this is a real stretch for me as this fabric retails for over $100 a yard!!!  The ribbon is a french vintage woven jacquard and the quilting weight fabrics are of course Jennifer's - it's all so lush!  Have you seen Jennifer's new line, Crazy Love? It's another line that will so easily be able to hold it's own when paired with statement making trims and fabrics. I'm literally sitting on the edge of my seat waiting for Crazy Love to hit stores!  I think Jennifer and I are made from the same cloth.....that gal can do no wrong in my book!
Modern brights. Boho Chic
Oh and her new line also fits amazingly well into J. Crews Spring I think we should all make a pencil skirt and a pair of shorts out of this line! Pair with a stripe top, leopard print shoes....WORK it! Mixing prints is HUGE for 2012!  

Stylish. Colorful. Boho. Chic.

Happy Stylish Friday!

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Anonymous said...

yeah the bags are back - welcome back Lady S - make them when the mood strikes - no need to make yourself go crazy...
Happy creations. Hope you get that Kelly W book - Hue - its up your alley I think.

Mande said...

That bag is lovely!! You are too my dear. LOVE the JCrew spring line and cannot wait to see your new creations with all of Jennifer's luxurious fabrics! XO