Thursday, January 5, 2012

Girls Day

We are spoiled, we really are! Yesterday a friend and I took our girls down to Venice Beach for the day...since, you know, it's been 80 degrees here for the past few days.  Our plan was to rent bikes and ride from Venice to Santa Monica along the beach path, grab a bite to eat, ride back, hit Cold Stone and then head home.
As we were riding, working up our appetites one of the girls said "can we go to The Penthouse for lunch?" Her dad does some work for The Huntley Hotel so she is quite familiar with the place! Since she was the birthday girl, who were we to tell her no? So pedaling a bit quicker we headed north-- And  by a bit quicker I really mean a bit-- Avery and I opted for the tandem because our beach bike rides on separate bikes are usually filled with me yelling at her to watch where she is going! That girls loves to look a round-- everywhere but in front of her!! She walked into the back of a parked car a while back-- seriously! So we lumbered along-- me pedaling, her flailing her arms and legs around, making the girls behind her laugh.

I have to say the work was worth it. The Huntley is TDF!!  Despite the amazing restaurant on the top floor, the lobby decor is beyond! It is the epitome of a privately owned boutique hotel. I could have moved into the bathroom in the restaurant - it had stacked quartz walls-- yes, it's that sort of chic.  All the booths in the restaurant have sheer curtains in between them.  Crisp white leather, fur pillows, gorgeous chandeliers and then a dash of rustic with croc embossed wing chairs and super modern wooden chairs. You should check out the virtual tour here.
Today is going to be equally as fabulous outside. Not sure what we are going to do....but I'm sure I need a work out in the form of a bike ride...and have you seen the Viceory Hotel in Santa Monica?? :)

I'm sure it's worth the ride! 
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