Monday, January 9, 2012

d i y Scarf Ballet Flats -

I'm so excited about {Bespoke} being one of 2012's fashion trends! The thought of handmade and one of a kind  really making it's way to the forefront of fashion makes my heart sing - there has always been couture: custom made and made by hand clothing,  but homemade has always seemed to have a different undertone. I love to see that times are changing! This morning I found a fantastic tutorial to embellish ballet flats.  Do you remember seeing these at Anthropologie?

Stacey at Stars for Streetlights did a fabulous tutorial on how to make a pair of these using scarves and ballet flats-- how fabulous to be able to personalize a pair of shoes you already have, or even a pair that you buy specifically for this purpose. Customizing your own shoes?? Yes, please!!
Her tutorial is very well written and looks pretty easy if you have even basic sewing skills. If you would prefer to glue the scarf strips on to the shoe I would suggest using an epoxy glue or even E6000. If you need a little help getting started, here are some shoes choice along with vintage scarves that would work amazingly well with this project.
DIY scarf shoes
Etsy has a plethora of vintage scarves to choose from and always has more ballet flats than necessary! Enjoy! Happy bespoking your shoes!

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Anonymous said...

Happy 2012 Lady S - how cute are these flats & what a great idea. Want to do these on flip flops too with maybe some Liberty fabric...I would leave my edges raw to give it that boho touch.
Thanx - MOX