Sunday, January 8, 2012


You know me and my fabric obsession! I've been having a hard time not buying and persuing new fabrics.  I mean it's even on the TV! Maybe this was the universe talking to me....yeah, I think it was. I was watching the Today show last week while I was getting ready for the day (and by that I mean sitting on Pinterest and drinking coffee at 8am!!) They had  one of the editors of Daily Candy on the show and she was talking about the fashion trends of 2012. The first was patterns-- mixing patterns specifically-- YAY!!  The next was Old Hollywood Glamour (must be due to the Marilyn Movie that is coming out) Love that look....but what really got my attention was the third trend ...bespoke. Meaning do your own thing, a DIY approach to fashion, incuding a site where you can make your own make up and another where you can make your own fabric.

Spoonflower is nothing new to me.... I've dabbled with the idea of making my own fabric but why on earth would I need to when Daily Candy has taken some of their quinessential whimsical illustraions and turned them into printed fabric!! Available on Spoonflower -- Oh MY!!

I'm in love with them and I think the girls will die over them so I'm ordering a yard of each (and maybe even a yard of knit fabric)

I'm debating between pillows or bags for the girls.....or upholstering a chair with them! Aren't the TDF??  Which one is your fave?
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Marnie said...

You would never believe it Simone, I JUSTTTT ordered this fabric for cosmetic bags and pillows, I kid you not. I discovered these fabrics yesterday and I knew I HAD to have them. I have been thinking about them all day and just sat down to order and take a look at my favorite blogs. I can't believe you just posted this. Great minds must think alike. There is a reason I love your style!! Happy New Year, I need to find time to get to a flea market with you. Still haven't had a moment. My husband still commutes from the east coast, so I have very little time with four kids. PS.. am missing your shop. It was my daily eye candy!!