Friday, December 30, 2011

Words of Wisdom

Words to live by.  As 2011 comes to a close take a minute to reflect on your year and your experiences and then move your focus to 2012. I'm looking forward to it! Ooh Lala posted this on facebook ad I had to share-- after prettying it up a bit.

And I do plan to blog more.....need to get back into the habit of it. I miss it...between not making bags and not blogging, I have been feeling a bit lost at times (and sometimes not-- gosh I am just a pool of contradictions lately! I'm driving myself insane!) -- although I do end up finding something to occupy my time (which this morning has been refereeing the girls!! One wants the other one to turn her computer down because the baby crying on it is unbearable. Someday they will learn to not sweat the small stuff!)

Swing by Ooh Lala on facebook...she always has something great to share or to say...and she did go to the school of all things beautiful-- so she might be one of my long lost sisters!

I hope everyone is having a great winter break!

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Thursday, December 22, 2011

Fleur Wood

Well hello there! Today is the first day of winter break for the girls-- which means my days of planning and hosting class parties, dance parties, teacher gifts and the like are officially over! Yay!!

This morning, I decided I would just lounge around for an hour ...or two.... and indulge in looking through a book I have had for a while but have not had the chance to really absorb. Food Fashion Friends by Fleur Wood is pure delight. {If you are needing a last minute gift, dash on over to Amazon and grab one.} The back of the book reads "Cookbook, style guide and photographic tour de force, this is a gloriously indulgent celebration of the pleasures of frocking up, decking out and cooking up a storm" Well that pretty much sums it it. It is delish - complete eye candy! I wish I could say I have a favorite part but I don't, I honestly love it all! The styling, the photography the recipes...all spot on! The book has style ideas, menu and playlists {love!} for nine different celebrations from a childrens birthday party to a swank dinner party. If you'd like to get a taste of Fleur Wood, who is actually an amazing designer, swing by her blog. It's just as delightful as her book!

Are you planning on frocking up and decking out over the next few days? Christmas is just THREE days away! So excited!

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Friday, December 16, 2011

Designers Challenge

Designing for my girls two can have it's challenges, and I am sure it is going to be even harder as they get older and more opinionated! All I can do is pile on the Elle Decor, Teen Vogue, Anthro catalogs and design books and hope for the best!! Once in a while they let their mom have free reign over their outfits - which usually means they have been bribed in some manner! Fashion bribes are 110% acceptable!

Even though Olivia is still in her jeans, a top and a hoodie fashion bubble, I try every morning to get her to wear something else. I don't get mad that she ends up in a different pair of jeans, different top and different hoodie every day (and converse-- breaks my heart! lol)  life would be rough and loooong if I did. She's allowed to wear what she wants. She is starting to mix in a few different things here and there so I'll take what I can get. Fortunately, she was rather easy when it came to re-decorating her room and she loves the finished product! There are still a few finishing touches that need to go in -- I have yet to find the perfect yellow lamp as well as some storage bins for under her bed. But over all I'm pretty please with the result. Liv still wants a chandelier of some sort but we'll have to see about that....I'm not sure where to put it-- she has a fan in the middle of her room and we cannot live without that in the super hot summer months.

She LOVES her bed!  And her peace sign art behind it (Gotta' give the girls some space to be herself, ya know?) Her and a girlfriend tented her bed last weekend. They had such a blast!

The William Wegman Fashion Dogs prints that we framed are so her!  Do you spy a little Jonathan Adler Happy Chic? Have got to start them early on the right path!

I love her slip covered chair...she does too...but of course she wishes I would have added a little zebra in there! I just couldn't bring myself to add zebra to imperial trellis - I think I would have done it if it were brown zebra, but she wanted black. I may or may not have claimed ignorance on that one..... :) By the way, this slipcover put me in my place!! I thought I would just breeze through it footloose and fancy free all sewing-genius like.... Not so much!! Ended up having to make a pattern!  

Her desk is pure fun and adds an unexpected pop of yellow.

And don't go thinking her room looks like this all the time....I just shuffled the pile around so it would be out of the way for each photo! 

Peace out!!  Happy Stylish Friday!
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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

What I Wore Wednesday

What I wore today-- for a trip downtown and to Avery's holiday performance at school!

A cream mohair-ish cowl neck sweater  with a TDF vintage (very vintage) brooch pinned to it-- got loads of compliments-- brooches are like cuff links-- neeeeeed to come back in style! Isn't it amazing how one little piece of jewelry can take an outfit from ho-hum to the next level??   I have to admit that I rarely wear a brooch on my body-- but almost always on a bag. I'll absolutely be working brooches into my outfits now.....loved wearing it!

I wore this with skinny jeans and brown patchwork leather ankle boots that have the sweetest modern heel! One of those boots that could have absolutely gone south if it weren't for a perfectly sculpted heel... I WISH I would have taken a photo of the shoes during good daylight hours...maybe I'll snap one in the morning and add it to this post. {and here ya' go!!}

A little note on my trip downtown. I went down to pick up a few things from American Apparel and to get one specific fabric that I have been eyeing for a home decor project. I have to say it was the STRANGEST thing to be down there surrounded by gorgeous trim and fabrics and not buy anything for impending bags. So crazy! It was invigorating to be downtown none the less-- I love the energy down there...and Men In Black 3 was filming behind the America Apparel Warehouse so that is always fun to see.

I'm linking up with The Pleated Poppy for What I wore Wednesday-- late night!

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ps-- If anyone knows anything about this brooch, please let me know.... I have a matching bracelet too. ADORE it!

Tuesday, December 13, 2011


I spent last week catching up after being out of town and returning home to a pretty large plumbing leak -- shuffing plumbers, water dry out guys and drywall people -- not so much fun! Then planning Miss A's birthday party at the end of the week so I was really ready to hit the ground running this week. Armed with a list and schedule, I was on my way out the door when the phone rang. Man down!! Avery was not feeling well and needed to be picked up from school, the little monkey has a nasty tummy bug! Sooooo, my list sits and I'm home! But on the bright side I got most of my Christmas shopping done online yesterday and last night and am having most of it shipped up to my parents house so it will be waiting when we get there. I had a blast shopping for cuff links for my dad last night.  Cufflinks are so chic it's a shame more men don't wear them. And don't worry, I wont be ruining any surprises, he asked me to get him cuff links-- he just doesn't know which ones, so I won't spoil the surprise.

Anyway, back to the weekend. Avery's party was a complete BLAST! 10 girls came over for a Glamp-out.  Half camping, half glam. We started the party out by making flower brooches. Avery and I spent some time making yarn pom-poms and chiffon flowers and I set those out with loads of vintage cabachons, colorful feathers and buttons galore and the girls had the BEST time making the brooches.

 Each girl got a felt circle and could glue on whatever they wanted.  We used Alenes tacky glue-- the turbo one-- and it dried really quickly-- like within minutes. I then hot glued brooch pins to the back of them and gave the girls wool hats to pin them to.  They were all soooo cute! We did nails, had cake and then walked up to Christmas Tree lane to look at the Chrsitmas lights. We came home to a blazing fire pit, made smore's and hung out in Gardenhouse tents. The girls all loved it! {I wish I had better photos but I am a terrible indoor photographer-- one of my goals for this next year is to master photography!}It was such an easy party and all the girls are so sweet and kind to one another. Miss A had a blast! She has great friends-- I think it is because she is so kind and caring and funny....and she's kinda' cute too! But then I AM biased!
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Friday, December 9, 2011

I've been good...

Dear Santa,
Today is Friday-- you know, Stylish Friday-- and I have a little list for you...because it IS my duty, every Friday, to set forth something-s stylish-- you know, as a favor to all. Doing good in the world :) I know you will reward me for my charity, Santa.
Shoe Habit

And by the way, I'll need something to store them in.  And a feather wreath would be FAB too!

Thank you Santa!  Happy Stylish Friday.

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Thursday, December 8, 2011

Inspiration Workshop No. 21 - Holiday Decor

This weeks Inspiration Workshop prompt is {Holiday Decor} Fitting since we currently only have ONE sting of lights up outside and not a tish of anything inside....yet. I'm hopeful that today will be the day!

Over the last few years, I have leaned toward decorating with only white and metallics and greenery-- although the photos above are killing me to work in a little pink.... Maybe in Liv's room??  I sort of feel like less is more with the holiday decor this year. This is so unusual for me....maybe it's because Christmas is just over two weeks away and it just seems like so much to put up to just have to tear it down three weeks later.....maybe I'll change my mind once I start in on it. I did order our Christmas cards this morning so I am feeling at least a bit festive.....hang on...let me pop some Christmas Music on........ Ahhh yes. Better.

I will be keeping our decor vintage polished chic and paired down....but not enough to be noticeable to the girls, of course. I love the thought of little stacks of packages around the house.  The wrapping of gifts, to me, is just as important as the gift itself. I almost always add a little bauble to a bow-- and am dying over a tassel or maybe a few feathers this year!

I truly feel like it give the gift even more meaning when you know someone has taken the time to "make it pretty." And I love taking the time to make everything that little bit more special - and chic.

What are some of your favorite holiday decor ideas? Head on over to Gussy Sews for more holiday decor inspiration.

Gussy Sews Inspiration Workshop!

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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

What I Wore Wednesday

The weather has been fabulous here-- sunny, blue skies and in the 50's every day. A light sweater will do the trick most days-- that puts me in a great mood! We were in NY for a wedding last week and arrived home late on Sunday after MANY delays in travel. I have to admit I spent the last two days in sweats-- trying to get the house back together after being gone for a week and catching up on laundry.  Today I felt much more back in the groove and actually got dresses! I wore skinny jeans, boots with a very tall heel, a black and white chiffon top with a pink pebbled leather belt and a grey cardi. And of course a vintage bauble..... Avon necklace from the 60's.

This top is fast becoming one of my faves - I bought it at Target a few months back and have already gotten a ton of wear out of it-- I'm not one who repeats outfits too often as I have a bit of a shopping habit but this top is so easy to dress up or down that I think I could wear it every week! And at Target prices-- yes please!! 

I made something new for the chair in Olivia's room to wear. A patchwork slipcover. I'll share photos when I take them over the next day or two-- I absolutely love the result.  Olivia's room is officially done-- well, not counting some new knobs but other than that-- finito!! Yay! Now on to Avery's room..... it's always something...what else would I do with my time?

Linking up with What I Wore Wednesday on the Pleated Poppy. Head on over there for outfit inspiration.
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Tuesday, December 6, 2011


Well hello there! It has officially been a long time since I blogged. I clearly needed a break and actually had zero problem taking one!! I am baffled by my actions as of late. Closed down the shop without a second thought and honestly don't mind. I truly feel like there is something else I should be doing. I have no idea what it is...but I know it will not come to me with the shop open. I do know one thing. I neeeed to blog. I feel like there are so many things I want to share with the world. Sometimes I feel like I am on this earth to make things pretty-- maybe I should write a book called "Make It Pretty" or "Make it Chic" Who knows. I do know, though, that it will come to me. I am totally at peace with the shop closed....well sort least that's what i am telling myself ;) I am secretly dying to make more is all so crazy!!  My fingers are itching for fabrics. I think when one takes a break, it becomes very apparent exactly what components we miss.

Oh and now back to that title. The current Anthropologie catalog totally inspired me to blog again! Is it the catalog that inspired me?? Or is it that I am feeling more inspired and so got swept away by the catalog for the first time in quite a while? No idea...maybe this will come to me too....

Happy December. I still have only one string of lights up outside. Can you believe that??  I am usually a GIANT Christmas fan. I will have it all together by Sunday...and promise to post photos of the new decor.  After Avery's "glamp out" party-- sort of like a Camp Out-- but prettier...what else would you expect?? ;)
Welcome back!!!

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