Friday, September 30, 2011

A new lease on life!

A few weeks ago I was in the studio late night working away and catching up on Project Runway (you do remember my obsession with Tim Gunn, no?)  I was sort of half listening while the designers were given the task of designing an outfit for Nina Garcia- yeah, no small feat there. Anyway, as I worked away, I could hear that she was circling the workroom talking to each of the designers when one of them, talking about a plunging neckline,  sheepishly asked her what undergarments she usually wears. Tim looked at the designer, looked at Nina and said "Well you don't wear a bra, do you Nina?" She replied with "No" This stopped me dead in my tracks and really got me thinking!!  Why do I wear a bra?? If Nina Garcia doesn't wear one, why do I??  Yes, I liken myself to her at times! lol.  That Project Runway episode was like a new found lease on life for me! 
Au Revoire

Let me tell you a little about where I live.....and the boobies here. A LOT of women in this town have implants. Large ones. We belong to a fitness club where most of the gals come to exercise class, or better yet, tennis lessons scantily dressed. Little bottoms, large tops, if you know what I mean. I went through a time where I thought for sure implants were in my future. But the risks of surgery never really did sit well with me so I resorted to push up know, the bra that comes with half a boob already in it?  The though of implants now seriously makes me laugh. As does the push up bra. Why do we think this is the way women should look? It's so skewed! I have sworn off trying to look like a C when I am really ....oh probably like an A! lol. I like my little boobs. And I love the fact that I don't have to wear a bra if I don't want to. Over sized implants for the sake of vanity look horrible! Little lace bralettes are waaaayyyyy cuter and way more chic, no?   Ask Nina Garcia, she'll tell you!

Happy Stylish A Cup Friday! ;)

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Thursday, September 29, 2011

Inspiration Workshop No.17 - diy

DIY is this weeks Gussy Sews Inspiration Workshop prompt. One that I could go on and on and on about. I really love DIY. It gives everything a personal touch. On your clothing, in your home and also as gift giving. My most favorite gifts are handmade ones. This holiday season, I'm going to try to give nothing but handmade. What about you?

One thing I will be making is cake plates. I've been scouring thrift shops for the perfect vintage pieces to use as stands I will then use epoxy glue to attach plates. I'll definitely be mixing up some modern printed plates (Mikasa, kate Spade and Ralph lauren all have fabulous patterns) with vintage pieces and am really looking forward to making them. One person on my list entertains OFTEN so she'll be getting a whole collection of them.

Source: via Simone on Pinterest

Another DIY that I'll be attempting? Gold jars like these found on Pinterest (of course!) I seriously love the simplicity of an upcycled bottle or jar and the glam-chic of the gold paint. IF Rachel Zoe were to have a coutry chic wedding, these would for sure be her centerpieces!!

 I will be playing around with this for the holidays. Mostly because I neeeeed these in my home! Are you going to be going handmade for the holidays? What do you think about doing a DIY Monday series? Maybe in November? I have so many projcts I've been wanting to do that this woudl really force me to do them.  If you need some inspiration, hop on over to my Tips and Tidbits board on Pinterest and then swing by Gussy Sews Inspiration Workshop to see what loads of other talented bloggers have been diy'ing.
Gussy Sews Inspiration Workshop!
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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

The cobblers daughter.

"The cobblers daughter has no shoes." Have you ever heard that saying? I find it super amusing as you would think my girls wear Gardenhouse every day, but actually they don't. Avery rocks Gardenhouse often-- she is the queen of colorful little skirts and ruffle tops. But Olivia....I actually stopped making things for her last year as she started to give me the sly eye when I would say "Do you want to wear this today?" holding up a cute dress I had made for her. It seems she has moved beyond Gardenhouse dresses and tops-- until now.

I challenged myself to make something she would not only want to wear, but love to wear. I started with a really fun men's t-shirt from Aeropostale (one of her and her cronies fave shops at the moment)  that had fun vintage looking earphones on it (don't tell her it is anything vintage) and converted it to a fun pillowcase tunic top. She loves it! Yay! Rocked it with a pair of gold leggings, a headband from Blossom Bands and houndstooth Toms. Love that gal in her Gardenhouse! She even wore it to a birthday party - wish she would have stopped to let me snap a few photos but no such luck with her and her 'tude--  toting along her chic little gift topped with a fun hair accessory that I scored for under 4 bucks-- way better than a silly little bow don't you think?

This really is a fun way to dress your child up in a tee of old-- would be perfect for college tee's or even favorite football teams - Olivia's favorite team is the Bengals-- for two reasons, first she loves tigers and second, she originally thought they were called the bagels...and she likes those too! I might have to go out and find a Bengals shirt to convert.   If you are interested in the making of the tshirt dress - there is a great pillow case dress tutorial here, the tshirt seems to be sold out online but this one or this one would be great as well. Ruffle fabric is SisBoom West Indies (the whole line is amazing!) And the houndstooth is from Paula Prass (another one of my all time fave ladies)  This may become my new little obsessions - next to refurbishing furniture of course ;) 

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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Fabulous Scarf Giveaway & A Sale.

Stop by Fabulous Fun Finds today for a Gardenhouse giveaway - a scarf of your choice! Newly listed in the shop - it's really starting to look like fall around here (well, at least in the shop) The rust colored scarf is by far my fave. Photos never do these thing justice. It really is just beyond in person.

Doesn't this photo look like scarves are being served up on a platter?? If I were to serve them, the table you would be sitting at would for sure look something like this.

Have a fabulous Tuesday. And by the way if you have been coveting a particular foldover clutch, they are on sale today!! Just enter FFF15 at checkout in the etsy shop.  And don't forget to enter the Fabulous Fun Finds Gardenhouse Giveaway !

Happy Tuesday!

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Monday, September 26, 2011


I have a slight obsession with soft spot for rehabbing furniture. I LOVE the old stuff-- as you probably know. But, not everything about the stuff-- most of it needs a little modern touch added to it. And that takes time so you can imagine what this does to ones garage. There is currently a back log of projects on our garage...along with one set of drawers that were painted white and have been sitting there for so long that I am now thinking I may actually want to paint them a different color before I move them into the house. It's a problem, I know. Mr H sorta' thinks it's a problem too! I guess in the realm of problems, though, it's  not the worst one to have right?? 

I have been searching for a desk chair for quite some time. I constantly waiver between wanting to find a traditional desk chair with wheels or something a little less "desk." I have also been searching for a good desk chair for the studio as I really need something on wheel in there as I have three machines set up at all times and would love to be able to easily wheel the chair from one to another. Sooooooo, last week, when I was out and about, I decided too swing by one of my fave thrift stores.....

I spotted this beauty...for $14.99! The beauty of it is that it is all metal. Nothing plastic like so many other rolling desk chairs. I knew it was perfect for either my office area or the studio....but not so perfect the garage! lol. The plan was to get it home and get it redone quickly.

Wa La! Finito. It took me just over an hour and one nasty glue gun burn to remove a few screws cut apart the fabric, put a new cover together, hot glue it and put it all back together. Not too bad! I think this would look completely amaze in a bright fabric-- which will happen at some point. I just wanted to get it done so I used what I had on hand. Still pretty delish don't you think? 

Especially piled high with Gardenhouse goodies! Scarves are in the shop now! Sooo versatile for fall and winter.

Happy Monday! I hope the rest of the week proves to be as productive.
ps-- Tomorrow be on the lookout for a Gardenhouse giveaway and possibly a coupon code for the shop...Gardenhouse is going on sale?? Really?!!?

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Saturday, September 24, 2011


So here is my post that should have posted last night-- around midnight-- until I went to load my polyvore in to the post and it loaded with no photos. Every time I tried--may have been due to the fact that I was at the computer with one eye open!  Saturday morning is proving off to a better start.

Is it ironic that I am finally getting around to doing the Friday Style File post at exactly midnight? Would you believe that I started it at 8pm? It's been one of those of those weeks. I swear there must be something in the air. I have been in a total funk - really-- a total funk. I wasn't feeling it this week. At all.  Do you ever have that overwhelming feeling that you are just spinning your wheels? Standing still? I never doubt my design capabilities, style sense or creativity, but I often question whether or not I am in the right place to best utilize them. This week I thought many-a-time about closing down the shop immediatley and persuing other ventures. But we are still here. For now anyway. It's late. And I am in a loung-y mood.

Little jammies and a super chic chunky scarf to keep me warm.  Just in time for the first day of fall. I'm a little obsessed with these scarves -- they'll be hitting the shop over the weekend.  The colors are TDF.  (and do you not love that little bra??  I have a brand new outlook on undergarments -- I'll fill you in on that soon. Everyone should be privy to that knowledge!) 

Happy Stylish Friday...night. And cheers to hopefully waking up on the right side of the bed tomorrow. It is the weekend afterall!

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Thursday, September 22, 2011

Inspiration Workshop No.16 - Family Room

Another fabulous prompt from the Gussy Sews Inspiration Workshop - Family Room. Although I have posted photos before of our living room - I think I have yet to share our family room with you. This is mostly due to the fact that the walls are painted yellow and it always looks horrific in photos. That combined with the fact that it needs a little updating will ban it from the blog-- vintage, check. modern, check. pretty... ah, so-so. It certainly is not up to par so it just doesn't make the blog cut right now! It will soon though! I have big plans to paint it while the kid are up at my parents for the week over fall break. I think that would also be a good time to hang some curtains too! And make a slip cover or two and also try to convince Mr. H that a new couch is in order.....hmmmmm. That might be a tough one! I'm dying for a tufted couch. Powers of persuasion are going to be needed with that.

I of course have been on the hunt for inspiration. I know for sure that our walls are going cream and one wall will be striped. The room also need to work  with our kitchen as they are both conjoining.   I found the above photo really inspiring as it mixes both vintage florals (on the lampshade) and modern florals in the wallpaper). I currently have this wallpaper as a backsplash in our kitchen so everything will need to work with that. I'm also completely dying for something velvet-- like the gorgeous sofa below. I think I'll be mixing that in with the vintage iron crib turned love seat that we have. I'll be mixing in patterns of all kinds and am trying my hardest to use plenty of solids as well. Pulling in loads of vintage pieces - have I ever told you about my vintage lamp obsessions? It's not healthy, I promise you that! Some great books and plenty of texture.

I feel like I have been gathering inspiration for ever and cannot wait to get  started... and finished. The overall plan is casual, comfy, chic. A perfect place to cozy down in front if the TV or a board game with the kiddos or to sit the fire with a  little time for  pinterest.... Searching next for master bedroom makeover inspiration. lol! It never ends!  Do you have any big home projects on the horizon? I would love to hear about them!
Gussy Sews Inspiration Workshop!
Head on over to Gussy Sews for more family room inspiration.

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Wednesday, September 21, 2011


Well it's Wednesday and it's about time for a winner don't you think?? Sheesh! What is going on over there at Gardenhouse??   Numero 16!!  Angela! You're the one! Big bunch o' balloons for you! Congrats. Leave a comment here as to where I can get in touch with you.

How amaze are those balloons?? I'm newly obsessed with Geronimo! Think I may need to swing by there next time I'm downtown! Such a witty and chic little operation.

Thanks for everyone who participated in the giveaway -- although I have to say the numbers were low for some reason--

still had the same amount of visits on my blog but just not many participated. Baffling!! We'll be doing another giveaway next week over at FFF. {One of my favorite daily stops.} Scarves. Fall IS coming, right?

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Friday, September 16, 2011


Go enter the Gardenhouse Giveaway -- Here-- for a chance to win a $50 store credit! You can buy a bag to go with your new fall outfit - inspired here.

Happy Stylish Friday!
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Thursday, September 15, 2011

Inspiration Workshop No.15 - Fave Shop & A Giveaway!

I"m rolling two posts into one here as they really do make one great subject. The prompt for this weeks Gussy Sews Inspiration Workshop is {Favorite Shop.} You all know how I love to get my shop on so this one was not easy for me but I must I think Etsy really is my favorite shop. Where else can you find amazing handmade items in the same page vintage. There are so many great artists and crafters in the world and Etsy has been the perfect way to open doors for so many of us. Let alone a great resource for supplies as well. I love taking time to browse around etsy there are just so many inventive people in the world! It really is a great marketplace. I've been pining for a Le Muse sweater or jacket for a looong time. maybe I'll buy one soon.... And for as many flea market that I attend, you would like that I don't do any vintage jewelry shopping on etsy but I do! I love paging through listings at night, I'm so inspired by vintage jewelry it's almost like looking at an amazing coffee table book.
etsy love
I have stocked Gardenhouse Boutique with some new fold over clutches-- they are all one of a kind! I am absolutely loving the fall colors and lush velvet ribbons that always seem so current this time of year. I would love for you all to spread the word about our new fall clutches and about the shop so a giveaway is in order!! Here's what you can win -- a $50 gift certificate toward anything in the shop!!  Wooohooo!

 Here's what you have to do to enter--

like Gardenhouse on facebook-- leave a comment stating such-- one entry-- you can do this only once
visit my etsy shop and share your favorite item to your facebook profile -- two entries -- do this daily for two additional entries each day!!

Good luck! This giveaway is open until Monday--  Midnight pst.  
And don't forget to stop by Gussy Sews for more Inspiring shopping! What could be better??
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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Stand Up!

If you don't already know, I am obsessed with Sugarland and Jennifer Nettles in general. I absolutely love her style and love their music. She should have a closet full of Gardenhouse bags....she is so us! I was fortunate enough to get tickets to their Incredible Machine tour for mothers day so our family went had had a fabulous night with the at the greek Theater. It was the girls first concert. Today I'm rocking one of their tour shirts-- which is black and needs a little softening up- so some pink Elizabeth and James heels will do the trick and a soft pink foldover clutch.

I really wish I had these Stella and Dot bracelets-- they would be absolutely PERFECT with this outfit. You can get the clutch here, the bracelets here,  shoes there and touch of Sugarland right here for ya'!   The lyrics to this song are on the back of the shirt. Pretty powerful. It's an important lesson for our kids.

Happy Tuesday.  I'll be posting a giveaway right here later today but I have to run off to school to work the Book Fair for the kiddos. Perfect shirt for the occasion (Do you know anyone else who dresses with a purpose for PTA volunteering? lol)  Have a fabulous day, everyone.
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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Love me some sparkle.

I'll be re-stocking the shop this week with lots of sparkly goodies. Solid fold over clutches (well, as solid as I can get anyway) today. Hopefully some prints tomorrow and I am going to try my hardest to get a few big bags back in there as well. Scarves are coming too. I really cant wait to share those with you...the colors are TDF.

Head on over and check it out. Gardenhouse is loaded with super chic. And they are all one of a kind with their contrasting zippers and sparkly vintage tassel adornments -  love me some sparkle!!  Named Westwood. That's where RZ spend a lot of her time. Have you noticed the Rachel Zoe project started again?? Do you die? I DIE!

I hope you love. A giveaway is coming tomorrow......stay in touch!

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Monday, September 12, 2011

10 years ago. Yesterday. Today.

10 years ago yesterday. I remember the morning like it really was yesterday. Miss O was 10 months old. I had been fortunate to be able to go back to work part time after having her. Back to my previous job. At Charles Schwab. Two blocks away from the Pacific Stock Exchange in San Francisco. We got up early in the usual blur, got ready and headed out the door. Listened to some kids songs in the car and upon arrival at my moms, learned about the first plane. At that time, no one was really sure what was happening. I don't think at that time, anyone had a clue what was to come. I hopped back in the car with a bit of trepidation and jumped on the train to financial district in San Francisco. This is where the depth of the situation came to light. Once the second plane hit, people on the train started talking. Brian called me and told me to get off the train NOW. Turn around. Get home. There was still another plane in the air and they thought it was coming to the West Coast - if they were looking for another financial hub, the Pac Exchange was it. Two blocks away from my office. By this time, I was through the tunnel and at my stop, so I got off and for some reason went upstairs and out on to the street. I don't think I really got it. I thought I should just check in with work.....hello?? Right? By the time I hit the street, the flood of people coming towards me made me realize this was not the place to be. It really was serious. Everyone was heading home. It was clear I should do the same. Now it was sinking in and I could not get out of there fast enough. That train could not possibly go fast enough. 45 minutes later I was back at my mom's house, watching in horror as the day unfolded. As the days unfolded. The weeks, the months nd the years. Today, 10 years ago, we woke up to a changed world.
Brian and I have watched a few of the specials over the last week or two and I am amazed at how haunted I still am by seeing all those papers flying around as the towers fell. The financial world was still very paper driven at that time and I just knew that was some of our paperwork. Those were some of our friends, our co-workers. It's amazing that even now, 10 years later just a glimpse of those towers falling instantly brings tears to my eyes. Yesterday I tried to watch the tribute but I just couldn't do it. I lasted about 5 minutes and could no longer stand watching moms call out their children's names, sons call out their dad's names, husbands their wives, wives their husbands, nephews, sisters, brothers It was just. too. sad. So many children have grown up without their parents. And add to that all of our service men and women that have been lost in the past 10 years just adds to the tragedy. Instead, I spent the day hanging out with the girls, being thankful that we have them and that they have us. {I wanted to blog this yesterday but just couldn't do it. I really didn't want to send myself into a rut.  So I hung with the girls and I sewed.... I needed to put a little joy in the world. And today, the day seems much clearer.}
Happy September 12th.
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Friday, September 9, 2011

Earth Tones

Earth tones, patterns, 70's inspired blouses and fold over clutches are in for fall. If you're wanting to wear patterns, you bag should be something a bit more on the solid side don't you think?
earth tones
Yeah, me too. Fold over clutches will be in the shop on Monday. In solids with contrast zippers (well, as solid as I can go at least) and prints too. Brooches have been replaced with vintage tassels on these. LOVE!

Happy Stylish Friday, ladies! Have a fabulous weekend.
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Thursday, September 8, 2011

Inspiration Workshop No.14 - Books

This weeks Gussy Sews Inspiration Workshop prompt is {books.} I know so many people who read book after book after book and I am soooo envious of them. That used to be me. I have such great memories growing up of going to the book store with my dad. He was an avid reader for a long time as well. Never. Ever. Did he tell me no when I asked for a new book. Which I think is an amazing rule and one that I live by with my girls. If they want a new book to read, we go get one (obviously with the notion that it is actually going to be read -- and it always is!)

Before kids and a myriad of other activities that take up loads of space in my schedule and in my brain I actually had the time to read  books on a consistent basis. I eventually threw in the towel on that after one too many times of waiting so long between readings that I would have to go back to the beginning of the story to remember what I had already taken place. I'm ok with it. I do sort of miss reading stories, but it's ok because I surround myself with inspiring books that tell a different kind of story. Fashion, decor, color. Some of my favorite books from a side table in our living room and pictured above. Any of them are easy to pickup and read here and there and not have to continually catered to ( other than the Gospel According to Coco but that one is pretty so it stays)  It's nice to sit once in a while, with something to sip and a book full of inspiration, although it seems my mind is usually occupied with other things at this point.

Stop on over to Gussy Sews for more {Book} inspiration.

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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

One of a Kind Wednesday No. 12

I might have gotten just a little carried away last week sewing onesie dresses for my niece. Her daddy likes to watch Formula One car racing so I went with that theme for a couple of the dresses.  Onesie dresses are quick and easy to make - appliqueing a race car is not! ha! Quite a challenge but I worked it out. For sure a one of a kind-- until her daddy asks for another one- I am sucker for that guy too! He's my favorite brother in the whoooole world! And how cute is a race car in SisBoom fabrics? I mean really!!

I may have gone a bit overboard with hair accessories (do you love the vintage millinery leaves?)

 And shoes.....

And this one-- with Jensen Button's logo on it.  (he's Scott's favorite British racer - super H.O.T- go check him out!  This weeks mood lifter maybe?? ) 

Ava is just soooo darn cute. And if she is going to be the face of Gardenhouse to come she had better get the feel for it now! Ya know what I'm sayin'??

Happy One of a Kind Wednesday!
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Saturday, September 3, 2011


Do you knit? I know how, I just don't do it. I think that might be changing in the near future. I am so inspired by Amy Butler's new knit collection (which I honestly thought was going to be knit fabric until very recently. ha ha. Ohhhhh knits, like knitting. Not fabric. )

That brooch and those colors speak to me! Amy Butler has teamed with Erika Knight to bring knitting to the next level. Aren't the colors and patterns amazing?

Source: via Simone on Pinterest

And the photography! Amy's photos are always spot on - thanks to her amazing photographer hubby. They seem to have the perfect vision together!

Inspired to knit this holiday weekend? It is supposed to be the official end of summer, right?

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