Wednesday, August 31, 2011

One of a Kind Wednesday No. 11

The giant InStyle fall Fashion Guide arrived at my door yesterday and I have soooo many tear sheets I'm not even sure where to begin! There is just so much inspiration in this issue it's craaaazy! Color-blocking, really chunky knits, floral dresses, TDF lingerie, amazing wool pieces, and of course some really great contrasty outfits that I absolutely die over. I'm always a sucker for mixing pattern and styles {and drinks:) ha!} This really got me thinking about what I am offering for fall - new bags, and a few other accessories that will be heading your way soon. Scarves are a staple and can take any outfit from boring to fab with the twist of the wrist. One of the things I really love about Gardenhouse bags is that they really do and punch to an everyday outfit. So I thought, why not do the same with scarves??

I'll be offering cowls in 4-5 different colors ~ All will have lace accents. I seriously love these!! Some of them will be one of a kind as I have a pretty large stash of vintage lace that will perfect for them. Others will be offered in short runs. They will make perfect gifts and will bring any everyday outfit to the next level in a snap. Pair with the perfect black biker jacket for a soft and edgy look.

Or a brown one for a more 70's boho vibe. This jacket is on the wish list for me this fall. Gahhhh. LOVE!

ON eor a few of akind, the cowls will be making their way to the shop the week of September 23rd-- which is the first official day of fall this year..... Hopefully by then, there will be at least a hint of a chill in the air!

Happy One of a Kind Wednesday!

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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

A Change.

Fall is not at all in the air here-- it is going to be 100 degrees here again today.  I cannot wait for the change of season --cooler weather and crisp mornings, it just seems like it is never going to arrive!  I'm gearing up in the studio for some new shapes and concepts for fall -- I think you will all love. Something different.

I'm really loving tassels lately. Vintage, gold tassels. I have a plan for these, but it's harder than I thought it would be to tear apart such beautiful pieces. I guess I should keep in mind that they will be re-constructed into something even more beautiful. Can't wait to share.
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Monday, August 29, 2011

I got the moves!

Yesterdays trek to the other side of LA for fabric(which often seems like driving to another state!) rendered me in the car for a few hours so I thought I would make good use of my time by listening to a book.  The Secret is always a good listen and read and often returns me to center. The laws of attraction are something to pay attention to. It teaches that your feelings are essentially a manifestation of your thoughts and are put out into the universe on a specific wave length which delivers back to you in the same manner. So, essentially-- be happy! Consciously happy! One part of the book focuses on short cuts -- Specific mood lifters that can quickly change your thoughts and emotions. Songs, photos, whatever it is that makes you smile. Sooooo.. where am I going with this you ask? I started to think about music and how it really does effect my mood and how I should maybe have a theme song for each week - a song that instantly puts a smile on my face. So, I thought I'd share with you my mood lifter for the week.

Beware-- the video is addicting. Did you know Adam Levine is such eye candy with his shirt off had so many tattoos? Wow that put's a smile on my face! I got the moves like Jagger this week (and I soooo need to find a shirt that says that!) You??

Happy mood lifting Monday!

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Friday, August 26, 2011

After the Paint

After the PAINt, comes the fun. Miss O's room is coming together.slowly. I need a staff for the decorating alone! Last night Brian asked if I was sick of having things turned upside down as when I'm redoing anything upstairs I basically empty the room into the hallway. I am sick of it. But the result is always worth the chaos! And I told him that this won't happen again until she is at least in high school. THAT stopped both of us dead in our tracks. HIGH SCHOOL! Gasp! Time goes by waaayyy too fast! Cherish your babies while they are little. I will say the fun part about them growing up a bit is they like cool stuff!

We have been looking for art for Liv's room and she is digging emmakisstina on etsy. Which makes mama happy!   I think we will order "30 lipsticks" for her room. I also really love that geometric acrylicbut cannot find out who it is by so might have to make something similar myself. We'll see how well that goes. Can you spot the Missoni for Target goodies above?? Mark your calendars September 13th. In stores. LOVE.

Happy Stylish Friday. (I'm off for a quick trip to Homegoods!)

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Thursday, August 25, 2011


One of a kind Wednesday came and went without a post-- which really irritates me because these little beauties were simply sitting pretty all day just waiting to be photographed!!  And I didn't get to it until the light was too far gone.  So it is, so it is. So I'm here now.-- With fun little ditties that prove I spend waaaayyy too much time on pinterest-- which is where I found inspiration for these.

How crazy is it that friendship bracelets are back?? Aren't hey such a throwback to our younger days??  I decided to have a little fun and make a few updated more modern versions. I. Heart. Them. You? They are in the shop and are one of a kind. I'm hoping to offer a few more fun little pretties as the weeks go on. Gift-ables- maybe with each One of  Kind Wednesday, or Thursday :)  You like?
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Monday, August 22, 2011


I have had the urge to start painting lately...inspired by so many amazing images I have seen on pinterest.  I am clearly drawn to watercolor and acrylic. I am for sure going to try my hand at it one day soon, you know, when I get off this re-decorate-the-entire-house kick I am on and when I find another 12 waking hours in each day. Then I will paint beautiful paintings.

Until then, I am painting bedrooms. Can I please tell you,  there is a reason paint is spelled PAINt. Yesterday, Mr.H took the girls to the beach so that I could spend the day painting Olivia's room. We had painted swatches on her wall the previous weekend so knew what we wanted and had lived with it for the week. Perfect! Except the gal at the paint store misinformed me about the sheen of the sample she gave me. And I should have double checked myself as I had that "that's strange" feeling but I didn't. So I chose eggshell as the finish. I honestly have no idea what I was thinking. Why would it be any different than any other paint?? I just sort of took her word for it and went with it!!  Gaaaahhhh.m  I HATE any sort of sheen on a wall. Really. Can't stand it. And Olivia's room is long with windows at one end so the light pours in. So-- to make a long story short...ha ha ha... I got the eggshell paint and painted her room. It took me 4 hours. And it dried. Shiny. With a glare so you could hardly even tell what color it is!  And then I went and got the correct paint. And painted it all again. And today it needs another coat. Dreading it. And then tonigth I'll be up on the ladder trimming around her 10 foot ceilings. I'm trying to focus on the fun stuff that will come next.  Decorating!! Fabrics and rugs and lamps and all sorts...even a little thumbtack art on the walls! PAINt now, Fun later.

And then maybe I will really find time to paint.

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Friday, August 19, 2011

Cat Call & Couponing

I have a bit of an obsession with animal prints right now. Can you tell by the new bags?? Both are amazingly versatile.

For today's style file, I thought I would share with you what I'm wearing today -- either of these bags could be paired with my outfit. I'm sporting silk sweatpants from Monrow (I linked to their regular sweatpants as I wish I could find a link to them online but I can't) I found mine at TJMaxx last week for $20-- their french terry ones sell for over $100 so I am sure the silks would be more. Yeah baby! Mama loves a good deal! I paired it with a slouchy grey Lycra tee from Gap (that is also no longer available - scored that one day when they were having 40% off the entire store. The shoes....Nine West outlet, BOGO worked out to about $20. And the necklace I made at The Creative Connection Event last year in Kaari Meng's class. (That wasn't cheap! But well worth the money spent!)

Does your hubby ever watch Extreme Couponing and then give you that look like "where are your coupons?" Yeah, mine too! Little does he know that I do coupon -- just not paper ones! All the deals I got above actually saved us money! See I spend nothing! Practically free if you think about how much I actually saved! ha ha ha! Just wait 'til he sees how much I saved on 6 pairs of shoes from Piperlime on Wednesday! 70%! I'm sure I'll have to explain that when the Fedex guy shows up with a box the size of his Caddy! I'll simply say I've been watching too much Extreme Couponing and am just building up my stash like they do!! Yes, that's right. Always thrifty!

Happy Stylish, Thrifty Friday!

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Thursday, August 18, 2011

Inspiration Workshop No.12 - The Front Porch

This weeks Gussy Sews inspiration Workshop prompt is front porch and right now ours is a sad story out there. I have been wanting to re-paint our front door since we move in 6 years ago (eek) and spruce it up since I took down our Christmas decor. I know. Sad. The nails from our Christmas garland are still sticking out of our door surround...not only does it look completely cold and prickly for an entrance, I honestly cannot believe that no one has injured themselves on those! Anyway, I have a peacock feather wreath on the door right now and the door itself is a light green colors-- super boring! I would LOVE to go with a bright color....How inspiring are all of these??
front doors

front doors by simonehowell on
But I don't think Mr. H would let anything bright slide..and I would most likely get sick of it. So I am thinking black. With a pop of color in the form of some fun vases next to the door - and fabric in the window that is currently covered with plantation shutters. Maybe even a fun door knocker. Plants are a no no for me as I am notorious for not watering them-- even though I walk by them at least three times a day! I really don't like that our front door is so uninviting and so un-chic right now!! Might have to stay up late one night sprucing it up out there. It's been on the list foreva'! Paint is waiting in the garage and fun fabric hunt starts now.

ps- If you are looking for some interior door inspiration, the September issue os Martha Stewart Living has some really AMAZE ideas in it! I'll post some when I can get a hold of images on line.

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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

One of a Kind Wednesday No. 10

I've been buried under a pile of pillows lately...and not ones on my bed! Euro shams - in the studio. I've just finished up a large order and am ready to move beyond shams! And back to bags...and fall dresses. But I thought I would share with you a few of those things that have been keeping me. {if you are wondering, the fabrics are Botanika a la the fabulous Paula Prass-- yes, I have gone Ba-tanika-nans}

They are now off to be kept with someone else! Quite a few of them one of a kind.

Happy One of a Kind Wednesday!

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Friday, August 12, 2011

Secret Project

I've taken on a fun project for someone who really deserves it! It's good Karma all around and it's really spurring a new line thought process over here. Can you guess what it is??

A secret

Happy Stylish Friday!

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Thursday, August 11, 2011

Inspiration Workshop No.11 - Gardening

I haven't been able to play with the gals at Gussy Sews Inspiration Workshop the past few weeks so I'm happy to be back-- Ya'll know I'm not one to pass up a post on Gardening!!

Our garden plays a huge part in my world. My studio is across the garden, we often eat from our garden, the pool is in the garden, and we entertain. often. in the garden.

image via pinterest
In the mornings, when the house is still quiet, I open the doors and windows and listen to all the birds. It's a very comforting sound, coming from the garden. Often when I'm working, I have the french doors open and no music on just listening to the sounds of our garden. We spent hours our first two summers here re-planting and reworking our garden. We don't spend as much time out working now as things are just more in the "growing" phase. New plantings are not needed very often...although additions are always welcome!

image via pinterest
I almost always have a vase full of fresh cut flowers on the kitchen table that are from our garden. Nothing lifts my spirits like the smell of garden roses....don't know why but their scent can change my mood in a heart beat. I will for sure be cutting some fresh roses for the house this weekend when we entertain...outside, in the garden with badminton, swimming and an outdoor movie. It's the last official weekend of summer vacation for us. How about you? What's your garden like? Will you be spending time in it this weekend? Head on over to Gussy Sews to find more Garden Inspiration.

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Wednesday, August 10, 2011


Our summer days are numbered. 7 to be exact. We will be back to daily routines in one week. I'm looking forward to it but am also trying to make the most of the last few days with the girls around. So instead of sewing for one of a kind Wednesday, yesterday we spent the day baking. Seriously the best cookies eva'!! Brown Sugar Crackles. They are delish!! You can find the recipe here. I highly suggest making them. And they are honestly not that bad for you - as far as cookies go!

Today my mini me and I visited one of our new fave haunts, Fishy Finds in Simi Valley. Piles...and I do mean piles, of antique treasures at insane prices!! We had a blast weeding our way through. Can you believe Miss A loves to do this at age 8??!! Crazy. Miss O is not so into it...she and her BFF spent the day helping their all time fave teacher set up her room for the upcoming school year. So Avery and I had a day to ourselves which was really nice. So would you like to see our finds?? Our Fishy finds (hello, cheesy!)

An insane wicker chaise that I am beyond loving!! And a ceramic bird...which I can never seem to resist! Right now Miss A is out in the garden sitting on the chaise doing fuse beads. Funny how a new piece of furniture can get her to sit still! Wow! We also happened to drive by a Joann Fabrics on the way home I'm usually not one to pass by a fabric store without a quick stop...although I will say I almost never buy fabric at Joanns as they just don't seem to stock anything good. Today I scored the most amazing home dec floral fabric from their red tag rack. One of those that I didn't really need but just totally fell in love with -- So I only bought three yards. And now that I am home I am wishing I had bought the entire bolt as I really realllllyy want it for drapes in our bedroom. And it works really well with another new fave of mine...a nubbly navy chevron (which will ease Mr. H. into the floral drapes!) Might be spending some time in the car tomorrow because yes, I need. more. fabric. ....and I swear I'll get back to sewing one of these days. Soon. Tomorrow. Yes.

Happy One of Kind Wednesday

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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Arts & Entertainment

We snuck away to San Diego for a few days for a little end of summer mini-vacay-- and I really mean mini. Sunday afternoon through Tuesday morning. A jam packed few days away is not exactly a vacation but it was a get-away so I'm not complaining. At the end of last week B mentioned to me that he was gong to be in San Diego on business on Monday and I of course sprung into action "ohhhh we could all go!!" {imagine Mr. H saying that in his trying-to-be-Mrs. H-voice. Always makes me laugh when he tries to talk like me!! The kids had a blast at Sea World and whale watching. Last night Brian I got the ultimate treat -- The royal treatment at a high end suhi restaurant. More sushi than we could imagine and we were beyond impressed!! If you are ever in San Diego, you MUST go to Ono Sushi. TDF!! So now I am home and trying to get back into the swing of things. And dreaming of a fun little project....

image via pinterest
Do you die over this?? Thumb tack art!! Ah, yes please, especially in Miss O's room where she would like" peace and love" plastered all over the walls. So Chic!! My mom come in town at the end of this week.... Painting is on the horizon as is thumb tack art. And a date night with Mr. H. I'm refusing to eat anything but premier grade sushi from now on-- poor Mr. H. His date just got much more expensive :)

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Friday, August 5, 2011


Unless there is an intervention in my immediate future all of these ceramic stools will be making their way into my house shortly...more specifically our pool area. My jaw was on the floor when i saw them in the Anthro catalog. Color blocking is sooo in and I think this is a really great way to bring it into your home - or onto your patio. Luuurrve them. What do you think about color blocking Do you like it? I love long s it is paired with something that has a pattern on it. You know me, that shouldn't be a surprise!

I'm heading out to sushi tonight with girlfriends and will be carrying a new little diddy. There's one in the shop for you! Loving the fall colors and Joel Dewberry's new Heirloom line. FAB!

What are you up to tonight? Happy Stylish Friday Night!

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Thursday, August 4, 2011

Gardenhouse goes Boy.

Gardenhouse goes boy - with a touch of race car, skull, red and blue.

It was for one of a kind Wednesday....yesterday. ;) Next week, cowboy.

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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Happy Birthday Baby!

Today is Mr. H's 38th birthday. We met when he was 20 -- back in our college days -- I pretty much knew right away that he was my forever guy. We've had an amazing journey so far and life just keeps getting better.

image via pinterest
I couldn't ask for a better man, husband and father. Happy birthday to my hard working, family loving, tennis obsessed, ping pong playing, cowboy hat wearing, badminton loving, hot sauce guzzling, master chef hubby. Thank you for putting up with all my craziness and laughing with me along the way. There is no one in the world I'd rather be writing this story with. I love you.

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