Friday, April 22, 2011

Bohemian Love

A few weeks ago I received a sweet package in the mail from Pat Bravo-- chock full of the softest,brightest, most beautiful fabrics!! She was sweet enough to send fabrics from two of her lines-- Bazaar Style and Dreaming in French {so me, right?? I know!} The colors in her fabrics are seriously was love at first sight!!

I was finally able to photograph a clutch I made from her lovely fabrics. {It has been sooo overcast here this week and photos were just not working...I still have all those dresses to photo too! Should I start threatening to move to Arizona??}

Anyway, the clutch is TDF!! So boho-chic! A perfect start to summer--- voile curtains blowing in the breeze and a little libation by the pool. Summer dresses, tunics and espadrille wedges. Soon my friends, soon! And dress photos soon too-- short bohemian dresses with big ruffles. Delish!! This fabric is MADE for summer dresses.

Boho Chic

Boho Chic by simonehowell featuring wooden bangles

Of course it wouldn't be Friday without a polyvore!! A little bohemian chic-- loads of options to go with the fab little clutch!!

Happy Stylish Friday.


Wednesday, April 20, 2011

One of a Kind Wednesday - No.1

I sometimes find it hard to get a blog post in mid week so I have decide to create something to hold myself accountable-- One of a Kind Wednesday.

Every Wednesday I'll be making, listing in the shop and blogging something one of a kind. Hopefully more often than not, something I have made. Soooo, that's my plan. I hope you like No.1.

Fit for the royal wedding, this is the clutch I have designed for just that. Made form the most insane golden linen. Sweet, perfectly shimmery linen. Stu-ning! That's all I have to say-- that and the fact that there is no way to capture that fabric on camera-- the photos DO NOT do it justice at all!!

Hop on over to the shop and get it while it's there, because once it's gone. It's gone.

Happy HumpDay!


ps-- head on over to facebook as I am doing another armoire giveaway. I'll be posting it here as well in the next few days for those of you who are not into facebook.

Monday, April 18, 2011

Slave of chic.

Be daring, be different, be impractical, be anything that will assert integrity of purpose and imaginative vision against the play-it-safers, the creatures of the commonplace, the slaves of the ordinary.” ~ Cecil Beaton, Photographer & Fashion Designer

dare, originally uploaded by gardenhouse.

I love it when the shop looks like this. Be a slave of chic, not of the ordinary. Happy Monday!

luvluv Simone

Friday, April 15, 2011

Pin Back your Lugholes

That's right....listen up! The Royal wedding is two weeks away and we {and by we I mean Miss A and I} have decided to talk only in a British accent until the big day! {Really annoys the rest of the household, but it's fun!!} I have a set of really funny card-- "The Queens English. Knowledge Cards" A smattering of seemingly nonsensical British words and phrases. LOVE! "Pin Back your lugholes" means listen up-- lugholes are ears. Silly.... and funny. I think Kate should pin back her lugholes and listen to this stylish wedding rundown. Red-- because we are royal, you know. Coral, yellow, pink, and chartreuse. Mismatched bridesmaids dresses--that's what's in. Fab shoes and loads of gold and silver.
will + kate
will + kate by simonehowell featuring wedding party dresses All chic. All royal. All wedding. The only thing missing is a metallic clutch or two...and I have just the fabric{sent by one fab RL gal} Be on the lookout for that in the next few days.

Happy Stylish Friday, you diamond geezers {excellent fellow, sterling chap}

Cheerio & luvluv

Thursday, April 14, 2011

The Queen and The Dear

In exactly two weeks I will get to hold my niece. April 28th. My brother is having a baby!! Yeah, he is. Well, you know know, in that "we're pregnant" sort of way. I still get annoyed when men say "we're pregnant. " Silly, I know, because they really are pregnant too. For forty weeks, the only thing they can say is "yes dear" ...and Scott is having a girl so that's pretty much all he'll need for the rest of his life "Yes Dear." Maybe he could expand a little to "yes my queen" that works very well in my household :)

I have been scouring etsy for fun baby items...dreaming of newborn photos. Do you not die over this headband and onesie?? LOVE! The headband is from Chickapee Creations on etsy. LOVE all her headbands...not sure which one I should order....this one totally spoke to me because of the photo....both of my girls were born with loads of hair. LOADS! Is that photo not TDF? It was taken by Mi Lolli Photograhy. The onesie is from oh fiddlesticks also on etsy. Must have!! Think I might have to buy one and sew a few ruffles on the butt! Yummy!!

Two weeks until "Yes, Dear" "Yes, my Queen" and until I get my hands on that newborn bundle of love! {not to mention the royal wedding is the following day. seriously. big couple of days} Can.hardly.contain.myself.



Friday, April 8, 2011

Make a Statement

Statement necklaces can make a very simple outfit pop. They are all you need, really, to take any of your summer basics to the next level.

They are also all over the flea markets-- all those vintage treasure seekers have been hiding out while the weather is cold and have finally come out to play! Makes for a very happy Simone. My only problem now is figuring out which ones I can part with! I will be listing a bunch of them in the shop next Monday (not this one-- the next one)

We are busy here as it is the start of dance season for the girls. I just spent three hours arranging and labeling costumes and make-up cases, packing bags and tacking belts in place. Oh MY you would think with the amount of money these costumes cost I would not have to tack anything in place. And please don't get me started with the rhinestones! Those make a statement too! Anyway, I am super excited for recital weekend as this is the first year the girls have been on competition team. Their studio is top notch and I can't wait to see all their hard work {they each take 6 dance classes a week} come together at recital and then at dance competitions through June. If you are looking for me in the crowd...I'll be the one in the summer basics and statement necklace!

Happy Stylish Friday!


ps-- I'm sorry no polyvore tonight...a summer-basics-to-go-with-your-statement-jewelry polyvore is in order...but I still have to make one more custom appliqued Studio 1 Dance blanket-- I can't have one of two kiddos showing up with one. Hopefully the recital site will have wifi and I can get a polyvore together for you all then.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

The Golden Rule.

"Every moment is a golden one for him who has the vision to recognize it as such." ~Henry Miller My obsession with vintage and gold is borderline concerning. Ha! With the weather turning warmer the flea marketeers are out in full swing...They have been hoarding and hiding out for winter, but are now are all coming out of hibernation with oodles of goodies.

Vintage guilded mirrors make amazing photo props for girls maxi

Dresses are in the shop. I am thinking I will re-stock Gardenhouse Home in the next few weeks as well.

I hope you are all having a golden week!!


Monday, April 4, 2011

Do what you were meant to do.

Happy Monday! I am completely invigorated at the thought of starting this week. So much to do and some new things to play with. Last week I was fortunate enough to have a fabulous little package of fabric goodness arrive in the mail from this gal. Pat Bravo is a super talented fabric designer who owns her own company called Art Gallery Fabrics. If you sew, you have to go check out her website. It is really well done, and super inspiring. She has a section called "design your world" You can click on which ever fabric line you like and will be taken to a page full of inspiration. DELISH!! While I was there looking around-- drooling. I was really moved by this part of her bio-- "I am convinced that everybody is born “to do something” in life. It is possible that, -in the path of life-, you will have some twists and turns at some moments; but at the end, you will always find your purpose, your destiny, your place. This is what I was born to do, and I am sure that this is what I will do for the rest of my life. Moreover, I am blessed with the privilege of working at something that excites me. But I feel happier for being able to share my passion for sewing and fabrics with all of you, because I think that the excitement that women have on creating their own projects becomes a passion they translate to their family and friends. This is a passion we all want to pass to our children as a legacy... the passion for "handmade with fabrics”." Pat's fabrics are gorgeous-- all of them. I immediately ordered more upon seeing what she had sent-- the colors are beyond. Beyond! The feel of her fabrics are also amazing-- I have loads of fabrics in the studio to compare with and her thread count is fantastic. They feel so lush! I'm planning a bag or two-- but more importantly, dresses! These fabrics were born to be worn. Short bohemian dresses with giant ruffles. Just waiting on the additional yardage and I'll get to work! Take some time this week to think about what you were born to do in life. Happy Monday! luvluv.

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Winner winner chicken dinner!

Running like a chicken today...having a really hilarious weekend-- getting everything wrong around here! I think it is because I have an overloaded plate so I am not really doing anything wonderfully (except sewing of course!) The poor kids, they have dance rehearsals all weekend. Yesterday I thought I was dropping them off 10 minutes early and they were actually 5 minutes late.... And today when I went to drop them off we realized it was Jazz, not ballet-- so had to dash home for different clothes! Earlier, I gave Mr. H the wrong address to pick up a friend for a play date. Oops. Laughing at myself!! Fortunately, the queen mum walked in the door about a half hour ago. She has already swept the floors and loaded the dishwasher. Thank God for a second set of hands. We have big plans for this week the kids are on spring break and it's bathroom makeover time!! Today's style file is inspiration for the bathroom...DARK walls (still debating between brown and black) with pops of white, celadon, red and coral.

Oh and that number in there? Oh yes, it's the giveaway winner!! Number 25...which is from the blog comments.

Family Fashion and Facts-- email me or leave me a comment with your email addy. I'll send you something wonderful from the armoire!!

I thought that was a really fun giveaway. Either I'll post a photo of what I sent or have the winner post a photo once it is received...don't want to spoil the fun of opening a surprise. Stay in touch this week for Maxi dresses, more bags and a recipe for crepes...I make them every Saturday-- so easy and delish and I am always shocked that no one else in the world seems to make them often-- if at all. they are sooooo easy!! So I'll share my recipe and a few pointers for super delish breakfasts that you kiddos will remember for ever!

Happy Stylish Saturday.