Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Fling open the doors.

Spring has REALLY sprung here in SoCal. The sun is shining and the breeze is warm...makes mama happy!! Sunshine makes me a thousand times more creative, more motivated and overall just a happier person. It drives me to bright colors and vibrant fabrics. I am working with the studio doors open today, listening to the birds and I thought it would be nice to share a view looking the studio into with you.

I am blessed, I know. And I am thankful for this every day. A place that I can close the doors and shut out the world (or in today's case, open the doors and shut out the world.) Letting in only the music, colors and vibes that I want.

Armoire Giveaway, originally uploaded by gardenhouse.

I have an armoire in the studio, you can see it there in the background, behind the's full of goodies....Fabulous Gardenhouse Tidbits. I'll be reaching in there to pull out something for this weeks Giveaway winner-- you just won't know what it is until it arrives at your door. Could be a bag, could be something fabulous and vintage, jewelry, tunic, sweatshirt...... who knows!!

So here is what you have to do to enter (you can do each of these things once a day):

Go to facebook and and share the giveaway photos. Comment ON THE PHOTO ON FACEBOOK that you shared it. --1 Entry--

Publicly follow my blog and leave a comment on this blog spot that you do so --1 entry--

Tell me what sort of bag is your favorite. What do you carry? When you buy bags, is there a specific style that you prefer? Leave a comment on this blog post -- 1 entry--

This giveaway is open until Friday at midnight. I'll pick a winner (haha.....pick a winner.....grow up Simone!) Saturday and post it along with a style file post {sort of liking the Saturday Style File} love the thought of coffee on the back porch and polyvore on a Saturday morning. Sort of like reading the paper....I digress.

luvluv and good luck!


Monday, March 28, 2011


Happy Monday! I hope everyone is having a great start to their week! I have a busy one planned that includes new bags in the shop..... glossy bamboo handles peeping out of a foldover tote... LOVE!!

New flowers and homes in the garden..... Miss O is freaking out that birds have actually moved into her bird house (Do you love her decor-- peace signs and "OMG" so funny!)

And another giveaway. This one will be on the blog AND on facebook this time so you don't have to be on facebook to win! Things are blooming around here. Stay tuned, beautiful!



Saturday, March 26, 2011

No. 13

If you follow Gardenhouse on facebook, you know I have been doing weekly giveaways-- growing fans and customers is great fun!! As is doing giveaways. I was supposed to announce the winner yesterday but got so focused on getting a big wholesale order out the door I just could not get it It's a Saturday morning style file and winning number all rolled in to one-- a day late, but not a dollar short! Lucky number 13 is the winner!
Jennifer Marie Photography, email me or leave a comment here within 24 hours to claim your $40 store credit!! Congrats!! And btw-- you take amazing photos! The baby on the saddle-- oh my! Love!! I was also planning on unveiling another new bag style in this post-- I made a few and one for myself...loving!!! {Do you see the hit of yellow in that's a hint.} BUT-- again, so wrapped up in that order that I didn't get a chance to photograph any of them. I will do it today...yes I will!! So stay tuned here and on facebook to see those over the next few days-- and maybe even another giveaway on Tuesday.... Have a fantastic weekend my pretties. I'll be busy in the studio. luvluv. Simone

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Stay to the left & A Giveaway (or two) .

The rain was completely relentless this weekend. It literally poured monsoon like rains for 10 hours straight. Which means, a flooded back yard and pumps and hoses and a pool that looks like the red sea or even worse, a port-a-potty (if I really want to gross you out!) Pool party at our house!! It's nasty. So I am deciding to out the back door and stay ot the left, through the garden to the studio......

Because just around the corner on the right is this....

Yes, flowers in the pool. The brown.murky.pool. It was an attempt to lift my spirits. Not so much..... so I stay to the left. Which would you choose?

Veer left.... it's much prettier (althought still very muddy)

Oh, and swing by the Gardenhouse facebook's another giveaway for you all! THAT will lift my spirits! And yours. AND, my friend Jenn at Forty Toes Photography is doing a giveaway for a Gardenhouse romper and Princy n' Paris hair accessory. LOVE!! -- go check it out! It's to the prettier, more enjoyable left.....



Sunday, March 20, 2011

Spring showers

The first day of spring is one thing, and the first spring day is another. The difference between them is sometimes as great as a month.
~Henry Van Dyke

Happy First day of spring! It is raining cats and dogs here but I am sure the sun will return soon. I think a sale will help......

Happy sopping spring.

Friday, March 18, 2011

Calling The Queen Mum.

Right now I am completely interior inspired!! I am not sure if you saw the little photo I posted on facebook of our kitchen wallpaper....well it has set off a crazed chain of events! Everything is getting a little re-do here! And by little, I really mean big. I wish I could share some of my finds via polyvore but for some reason polyvore is not cooperating with me today. Soo- I have collaged a little ditty to show you where i am drawing inspiration from.

I think almost all of these images are from a back issue of Lonny Mag. I believe either last year's March or June issues. Did you know they have all their back issues on line in their archives tab? Ohhhh it's the best. Hours upon hours of inspiration. Brian was getting a little worried last night as he could just see my eyes lighting up! I have a few surprises in store for him, for sure! Poor man!

I am completely OBSESSED with the black bathroom in the collage. What do you guys think? Yes or no?? I'm thinking yes. Now I just need to get my mumsie down here to help me paint! Calling The Queen mum now.

Happy Stylish Friday!


Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Garden Tour Clutch Giveaway

Garden Tour Clutches, originally uploaded by gardenhouse.

It's giveaway time! I have completed the line of clutches-- although I have so many more ideas I might add a few more. To celebrate, I'd like to share with you! Here's what you have to do.....Head on over to Gardenhouse on facebook. Like Gardenhouse. Find the giveaway photo, share it (it's that little button below the photo) -- tell all your girls-- no one can get through the warm months without a little (or a lot) Gardenhouse in their world! Giveaway is open until Thursday at 12:59 pst. What ya' waiting for?? Spring forward!

Good luck!



Monday, March 14, 2011

A happy mistake.

Another clutch ready to go! LOVE LOVE LOVE this one. That insanely gorge mod geometric print is from Jay McCarroll. I think it is one of my all time fave fabrics! Funny enough when I ordered it online, I ordered it in a different colorway.

The online fabric shop accidentally sent the wrong color. I emailed them, they sent out the correct fabric as well as a return label for the mis-sent fabric. But, you see, returning fabric is just not in my MO. I fell in love with it and it was dreamed up into a bag before it could be returned. So apparently it was a happy mistake! It's amazing how the purple in the raise the roof fabric is the exact same tone as the pink in the sis boom floral.

Three more clutches are set to launch tomorrow, check the shop about mid-day.

Happy Mistake!

Friday, March 11, 2011

Spring Forward

Are you ready for spring? I am soo ready to put the clocks ahead-- I think it might be this weekend that wee do that. Lose an hour of sleep for the sake of Spring, sunshine and longer days? I'm ok with that. Looking forward to lighter nights and eating dinner outside. And of course my roses blooming. Why am I so obsessed with flowers? Pretty things make me happy...maybe that's why. I do believe this new clutch is pretty.....a mix of what is hot right now, naturals and neutrals , a little rustic mixed in with hip, polished chic. Tres Gardenhouse.

The base of the clutch is an amazing Ralph Lauren linen. I have a dear customer and friend who works for him and often sends packages of fabric goodness. Love her. Especially since when she emails me, or leave a blog comment, she calls me "Lady S". Wanna know how to instantly become my BFF?? Call me Lady S. (not in the Lady GaGa sort of way, the Lady Di sort of way.) Thanks Mox (and Ralph-- since I am sure he reads my blog!)

I was struck with how well this clutch mixed in with the spring J Crew cover. I had already cut it when the catalog arrived. Makes me laugh. There have been other times when this has happened. Maybe Jenna is spying on my studio. (or at least reading my blog-- along with Ralph Lauren! lol)
Spring dreams

Spring dreams by simonehowell featuring opening ceremony shoes

The outfit is ready. All you need is the clutch. Rustic. Chic. Polished. Hip.

Happy Stylish Friday.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Color full.

“I found I could say things with color that I couldn't say any other way -
things I had no words for.” -Georgia O'Keeffe

I pulled this quote from Jessica's blog. I find it perfect for the launch of a new clutch style. I have designed five of these envelope style clutches. Loving them!!

And I've been wanting to ask...would you rather buy the bag without the brooch or with? I am thinking about listing each purse for a lower price with an add on brooch option as I know not everyone is sparkly... as well as you may already have a brooch you can use. What do you think?

I'll be listing all five clutch styles in the shop by Monday....with or without the brooch option??

Have a colorful Wednesday.


Tuesday, March 8, 2011

A new look.

I had my logo re-worked and wanted to share. I LUUUUURRRVE it. That house kills me!
The blog and website are not far behind with a new look as well. And some new clutches should be making an appearance by the end of the week.....was hoping to have them out now but have a little sickie at home. Miss A was struck with the flu. Completely wiped her out!! She is feeling much better, just still has a nasty cough. Hopefully back to school tomorrow and I can get back into full business swing.

Friday, March 4, 2011

And, And, And

I heart maxi dresses....and peep toe cut out booties.......and cuff bracelets......preferably with a big stone in them...and I heart fabric......and giant clocks.......and funky chairs.
And I heart the little girl who leaves little notes for me. I had quickly sketched a new clutch design on a post it and she left this little note at the top of the post it....."strup?" I think she means "Strap?" A little design suggestion. How cute is that? She is a mini-me for sure.

Hope you all have a fabulous, stylish Friday full of things you love.


Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Floral fever.

It's March and I have spring fever. It must be the garden starting to grow and the muslins for maxi dresses that have brought it upon me.

I am dreaming of warm sun and sitting by the pool, sewing with the studio doors open and sipping coffee outside in the morning while watering my potted And colorful colorful fabric! (A la Jennifer Paganelli's two newest lines.) Happy March!