Wednesday, December 7, 2011

What I Wore Wednesday

The weather has been fabulous here-- sunny, blue skies and in the 50's every day. A light sweater will do the trick most days-- that puts me in a great mood! We were in NY for a wedding last week and arrived home late on Sunday after MANY delays in travel. I have to admit I spent the last two days in sweats-- trying to get the house back together after being gone for a week and catching up on laundry.  Today I felt much more back in the groove and actually got dresses! I wore skinny jeans, boots with a very tall heel, a black and white chiffon top with a pink pebbled leather belt and a grey cardi. And of course a vintage bauble..... Avon necklace from the 60's.

This top is fast becoming one of my faves - I bought it at Target a few months back and have already gotten a ton of wear out of it-- I'm not one who repeats outfits too often as I have a bit of a shopping habit but this top is so easy to dress up or down that I think I could wear it every week! And at Target prices-- yes please!! 

I made something new for the chair in Olivia's room to wear. A patchwork slipcover. I'll share photos when I take them over the next day or two-- I absolutely love the result.  Olivia's room is officially done-- well, not counting some new knobs but other than that-- finito!! Yay! Now on to Avery's room..... it's always something...what else would I do with my time?

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