Wednesday, December 14, 2011

What I Wore Wednesday

What I wore today-- for a trip downtown and to Avery's holiday performance at school!

A cream mohair-ish cowl neck sweater  with a TDF vintage (very vintage) brooch pinned to it-- got loads of compliments-- brooches are like cuff links-- neeeeeed to come back in style! Isn't it amazing how one little piece of jewelry can take an outfit from ho-hum to the next level??   I have to admit that I rarely wear a brooch on my body-- but almost always on a bag. I'll absolutely be working brooches into my outfits now.....loved wearing it!

I wore this with skinny jeans and brown patchwork leather ankle boots that have the sweetest modern heel! One of those boots that could have absolutely gone south if it weren't for a perfectly sculpted heel... I WISH I would have taken a photo of the shoes during good daylight hours...maybe I'll snap one in the morning and add it to this post. {and here ya' go!!}

A little note on my trip downtown. I went down to pick up a few things from American Apparel and to get one specific fabric that I have been eyeing for a home decor project. I have to say it was the STRANGEST thing to be down there surrounded by gorgeous trim and fabrics and not buy anything for impending bags. So crazy! It was invigorating to be downtown none the less-- I love the energy down there...and Men In Black 3 was filming behind the America Apparel Warehouse so that is always fun to see.

I'm linking up with The Pleated Poppy for What I wore Wednesday-- late night!

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ps-- If anyone knows anything about this brooch, please let me know.... I have a matching bracelet too. ADORE it!


Ashleyhodge said...

Don't know anything about your brooch, except for I WANT it! You find the best stuff...lucky girl!

Anonymous said...

Why is my husband's photo and name coming up under my google account? He would die!