Friday, December 9, 2011

I've been good...

Dear Santa,
Today is Friday-- you know, Stylish Friday-- and I have a little list for you...because it IS my duty, every Friday, to set forth something-s stylish-- you know, as a favor to all. Doing good in the world :) I know you will reward me for my charity, Santa.
Shoe Habit

And by the way, I'll need something to store them in.  And a feather wreath would be FAB too!

Thank you Santa!  Happy Stylish Friday.

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Paula Prass said...

You crack me up! Jennifer already told me what I'm getting from a certain shoe department with the initials TT. Start treating those girls of yours real good now!

Anonymous said...

OK - you forgot something as in Walkers & Canes for those shoes...I would be falling forwards, backwards, sideways trying to walk in those...