Thursday, December 8, 2011

Inspiration Workshop No. 21 - Holiday Decor

This weeks Inspiration Workshop prompt is {Holiday Decor} Fitting since we currently only have ONE sting of lights up outside and not a tish of anything inside....yet. I'm hopeful that today will be the day!

Over the last few years, I have leaned toward decorating with only white and metallics and greenery-- although the photos above are killing me to work in a little pink.... Maybe in Liv's room??  I sort of feel like less is more with the holiday decor this year. This is so unusual for me....maybe it's because Christmas is just over two weeks away and it just seems like so much to put up to just have to tear it down three weeks later.....maybe I'll change my mind once I start in on it. I did order our Christmas cards this morning so I am feeling at least a bit festive.....hang on...let me pop some Christmas Music on........ Ahhh yes. Better.

I will be keeping our decor vintage polished chic and paired down....but not enough to be noticeable to the girls, of course. I love the thought of little stacks of packages around the house.  The wrapping of gifts, to me, is just as important as the gift itself. I almost always add a little bauble to a bow-- and am dying over a tassel or maybe a few feathers this year!

I truly feel like it give the gift even more meaning when you know someone has taken the time to "make it pretty." And I love taking the time to make everything that little bit more special - and chic.

What are some of your favorite holiday decor ideas? Head on over to Gussy Sews for more holiday decor inspiration.

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