Tuesday, December 13, 2011


I spent last week catching up after being out of town and returning home to a pretty large plumbing leak -- shuffing plumbers, water dry out guys and drywall people -- not so much fun! Then planning Miss A's birthday party at the end of the week so I was really ready to hit the ground running this week. Armed with a list and schedule, I was on my way out the door when the phone rang. Man down!! Avery was not feeling well and needed to be picked up from school, the little monkey has a nasty tummy bug! Sooooo, my list sits and I'm home! But on the bright side I got most of my Christmas shopping done online yesterday and last night and am having most of it shipped up to my parents house so it will be waiting when we get there. I had a blast shopping for cuff links for my dad last night.  Cufflinks are so chic it's a shame more men don't wear them. And don't worry, I wont be ruining any surprises, he asked me to get him cuff links-- he just doesn't know which ones, so I won't spoil the surprise.

Anyway, back to the weekend. Avery's party was a complete BLAST! 10 girls came over for a Glamp-out.  Half camping, half glam. We started the party out by making flower brooches. Avery and I spent some time making yarn pom-poms and chiffon flowers and I set those out with loads of vintage cabachons, colorful feathers and buttons galore and the girls had the BEST time making the brooches.

 Each girl got a felt circle and could glue on whatever they wanted.  We used Alenes tacky glue-- the turbo one-- and it dried really quickly-- like within minutes. I then hot glued brooch pins to the back of them and gave the girls wool hats to pin them to.  They were all soooo cute! We did nails, had cake and then walked up to Christmas Tree lane to look at the Chrsitmas lights. We came home to a blazing fire pit, made smore's and hung out in Gardenhouse tents. The girls all loved it! {I wish I had better photos but I am a terrible indoor photographer-- one of my goals for this next year is to master photography!}It was such an easy party and all the girls are so sweet and kind to one another. Miss A had a blast! She has great friends-- I think it is because she is so kind and caring and funny....and she's kinda' cute too! But then I AM biased!
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sweeter than cupcakes said...

I love this party idea. Sounds just as fun for adults as it would be for kids!