Friday, December 16, 2011

Designers Challenge

Designing for my girls two can have it's challenges, and I am sure it is going to be even harder as they get older and more opinionated! All I can do is pile on the Elle Decor, Teen Vogue, Anthro catalogs and design books and hope for the best!! Once in a while they let their mom have free reign over their outfits - which usually means they have been bribed in some manner! Fashion bribes are 110% acceptable!

Even though Olivia is still in her jeans, a top and a hoodie fashion bubble, I try every morning to get her to wear something else. I don't get mad that she ends up in a different pair of jeans, different top and different hoodie every day (and converse-- breaks my heart! lol)  life would be rough and loooong if I did. She's allowed to wear what she wants. She is starting to mix in a few different things here and there so I'll take what I can get. Fortunately, she was rather easy when it came to re-decorating her room and she loves the finished product! There are still a few finishing touches that need to go in -- I have yet to find the perfect yellow lamp as well as some storage bins for under her bed. But over all I'm pretty please with the result. Liv still wants a chandelier of some sort but we'll have to see about that....I'm not sure where to put it-- she has a fan in the middle of her room and we cannot live without that in the super hot summer months.

She LOVES her bed!  And her peace sign art behind it (Gotta' give the girls some space to be herself, ya know?) Her and a girlfriend tented her bed last weekend. They had such a blast!

The William Wegman Fashion Dogs prints that we framed are so her!  Do you spy a little Jonathan Adler Happy Chic? Have got to start them early on the right path!

I love her slip covered chair...she does too...but of course she wishes I would have added a little zebra in there! I just couldn't bring myself to add zebra to imperial trellis - I think I would have done it if it were brown zebra, but she wanted black. I may or may not have claimed ignorance on that one..... :) By the way, this slipcover put me in my place!! I thought I would just breeze through it footloose and fancy free all sewing-genius like.... Not so much!! Ended up having to make a pattern!  

Her desk is pure fun and adds an unexpected pop of yellow.

And don't go thinking her room looks like this all the time....I just shuffled the pile around so it would be out of the way for each photo! 

Peace out!!  Happy Stylish Friday!
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The Wooden Spool said...

Wait til I show my girls this room! SOOO super stylish and chic! Love it! The chair is fantastic! I know how difficult it is to do this sort of thing! Been there, done 'dat!

Way to go!


Anonymous said...

Lady S - Tween room is Muchas HOT PAD & that patchwork chair...ha - I'm a thinking that you'll be making floor length patchwork curtains to go over the blinds with Gardenhouse pins as tiebacks... Enjoy & thumbs up to your talent...

annechovie said...

love all of the color and the slipcover you made, Simone. You're very talented. Merry Christmas!