Tuesday, December 6, 2011


Well hello there! It has officially been a long time since I blogged. I clearly needed a break and actually had zero problem taking one!! I am baffled by my actions as of late. Closed down the shop without a second thought and honestly don't mind. I truly feel like there is something else I should be doing. I have no idea what it is...but I know it will not come to me with the shop open. I do know one thing. I neeeed to blog. I feel like there are so many things I want to share with the world. Sometimes I feel like I am on this earth to make things pretty-- maybe I should write a book called "Make It Pretty" or "Make it Chic" Who knows. I do know, though, that it will come to me. I am totally at peace with the shop closed....well sort of....at least that's what i am telling myself ;) I am secretly dying to make more bags...it is all so crazy!!  My fingers are itching for fabrics. I think when one takes a break, it becomes very apparent exactly what components we miss.

Oh and now back to that title. The current Anthropologie catalog totally inspired me to blog again! Is it the catalog that inspired me?? Or is it that I am feeling more inspired and so got swept away by the catalog for the first time in quite a while? No idea...maybe this will come to me too....

Happy December. I still have only one string of lights up outside. Can you believe that??  I am usually a GIANT Christmas fan. I will have it all together by Sunday...and promise to post photos of the new decor.  After Avery's "glamp out" party-- sort of like a Camp Out-- but prettier...what else would you expect?? ;)
Welcome back!!!

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Prencie said...

can't wait to see your pics :) Miss you lady :)

Bonny said...

Simone I have missed you and your blogs! I am hoping to get another clutch before you stop this area of your business! YIKES! I know you are unsure which way you are going and I totally respect your decision ! You are a very talented lady! Bless you!

Mande said...

Big hugs sweet friend. Think of you often and love your blog posts. Carried my JCrew inspired clutch yesterday and love all of my Gardenhouse beauties. Whatever creative ideas you are working on will be amazing. Hope you enjoy the break and the holidays! XOXO