Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Pretty and Witty.

The gal is funny and smart. Shannon Stewart of Madison Ave photography had posted on her facebook wall that she was looking for a size 8 girl to help with a shoot on Sunday. Miss A is a ham for the camera and I am obsessed with Shannon's photographs so I jumped on the opportunity.  I did ask Avery if she wanted to do it as I knew it would be a time commitment and it was a bit of a drive. Funny that when I asked her, her response was "Do I get to keep the clothes?" How funny is that?? She so smart!

She is changing so much and growing a mile a minute. Last week she wanted to borrow a skirt from Olivia, which I am not sure she would have fit into. Her request was not met with enthusiasm (to say the least) I sat the girls down and told them that it is their choice right now, but at some point when they they can fit into the same size clothes, they will be expected to share some things as I will not buy two of everything. Avery replied "Soooooooo, when we are your size....." She was met with the enthusiasm as when she was asking to borrow her sisters skirt. How funny though, that she is starting to think like that. She is sharp and so witty!!

And cute to boot! And I'm sure if she was able to take anything home from the shoot, it would have been the feather skirt. She absolutely did NOT want to take that off. I don't blame her! Might have to figure out how make one of those...I was the only person at the shoot looking at the construction of the clothes :)
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Anonymous said...

Lady S - the young fashionista ...love the blue dress & you know I do recall seeing feather trim in a trim shop that you could probably use to make a skirt all layered up...1 time usage like wearing a boa.
Congrats to all..