Sunday, November 6, 2011


Fall has officially arrived! We woke up to rain - pouring rain-- and basically went from bed  to couch with coffee and a fire. It's a nice Sunday morning around here! Avery is making pancakes (love a kid who can cook!) And Mr. H is watching football by the fire.

Rain and cold weather always makes me want to cook. Today I"m going to be making one of the girls favorite soups, Polpette with Orzo.

It's a staple for us in the fall and winter-- It's really easy to make and super delish. I omit the onions as my girls can sniff them out for miles. Dinner will be quick and delish tonight - hopefully eaten with the fire burning close by. I just have to get through watching Avery run the final mile of the Santa Clarita marathon... in. the. rain. She thinks it'll be fun! I'll need soup when that's finished!

Hope you are all have a relaxing Sunday!
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