Friday, November 18, 2011

Little did he know......

A few weeks ago I was out shopping for Halloween Party items for the girls classrooms and I got a call....from Mr. H...he was at Best Buy with the girls. He wanted to just run a few "quick purchases" by me, you know, before he single-handedly stimulated the economy!  Now, before I get into this, I will say I sort of knew this was coming. We have a Wii.Which we have had for years and it has totally been on the fritz, so I knew a new game console was on the horizon. I also knew he had been sort of looking around for a new TV. Back to the phone call, he tells me he and then kids were playing the new Kinect in the shop and loved it so they were going to get one of those, he also said he was going to buy a 3-D tv. Mr. H is not one to make extravagant purchase so I just said fine with me and that was that. I went on my way with errands. Returned home to the kids playing  their new games...on our old TV. "Where's the new TV?" I ask. The response....."it's being delivered on Tuesday." Uhhhhh....what? Why?? Oh of course, it's too large for us to get home!!  Yes, sure it is. Oh and it won't fit in our armoire??  Ohhhhh....looks like were going to need some new furniture (big secret smile here!!) Well that certainly opened up a whole can of worms! 
this week
One new daybed/chaise is already in place. It's a grey tweed-- TDF! Rustic chic nesting tables. Done.

After searching high and low for the perfect TV stand, I ended up re-working a vintage dresser that I had in the garage.  I turned it into a tv stand by simply removing the two middle drawers and converting those spaces to shelves. I really love the way it turned out. {excuse the messy wires in there. The DirectTV guy came yesterday and I have not had a chance to tuck everything in nicely}

The new sofa will be ordered this weekend.. Slipcovers, are a must with light colored sofas in this place. I'm also stalking that Anthro rug (the floral one my moodboard up there).....I swear I remember Anthro having a 20% off black Friday sale...does anyone else remember that?? I'd love to score a sale on that! My to-do list has grown significantly because I cannot simply replace everything. So slipcovers for the rest of the furniture is on the list. And if Mr. H does not take those 3-d glasses off and get up from his vista, he just might get slip covered too!!

Happy Stylish Friday. Oh and a note on the stylish Friday side-- check out that hat up there!! The animal print one-- You neeeed to run to Target and pick it up! It's TDF!!  $20 for an Albertus Swanepoel hat is insanity!! You can also find the same hat that he designed for J Crew... for $128...without the feather or the band. Your!!

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ps-- Mr. H has turned into a complete dork and even has those 3-D glasses on a glasses holder looped around his neck! Love that man!

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