Thursday, November 3, 2011

Inspiration Workshop No. 20 - Flowers

This weeks Gussy Sews Inspiration Workshop prompt is {Flowers} Could there be anything more perfect to write about and inspire? I always have fresh cut flowers in the house because their looks and fragrance can lift moods instantly.  Nothing makes me happier that fresh cut flowers from the garden-- My roses are going through their fall bloom right now and it is so lovely to have bunches of roses in the entry and on our kitchen table. Have you ever noticed that roses smell stronger in the morning? I don't know if it is because the house is void of other smells in the morning of if roes really are more fragrant in the morning... hmmm,either way, walking past a fresh cut bunch of roses makes me smile.

I'm pretty much a floral fragrance gal, too. I wear only floral perfumes and any candles in our house have a distinct floral smell - Brian calls it old lady smell....whatevs'!! I should also share with you another one of my little floral scented obsessions..... Lilly of the Valley potpourri sachets from Joann's Fabrics. Seriously...these things are the bomb. Not only do I put them in my closets and drawers, I also pin a little loop of ribbon to the top of them and hang the from doors in the house.

This one is hanging on the door to our downstairs bathroom- a room where our Newfies love to sleep so clearly a room that needs some floral fragrance!

Florals overall just make me happy- we won't touch much on my love a good floral fabric-- I think that is pretty evident! What are your favorite flowers? Your favorite fragrances? I'd love to hear about them! Check in over at Gussy Sews for more floral inspiration.
Gussy Sews Inspiration Workshop!
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