Saturday, November 19, 2011

High waist. Wide leg.

What do you think about a higher waist jean?? Not crazy high, but definitely not the low waist we are used to. I bought a pair today, higher waist, SUPER flair. I love them. Iconic.

The girls think I am insane and I am sure Mr. H will have an opinion about them- it will either be "Gosh my wife can rock just about anything" Or "Why does Simone look like she is going to a 70's party?!?" I'm just going to surprise him with them for our next date night-- or even better, while we are in NY for his brothers wedding. Who knows, maybe we'll bust out a little "I got you Babe" for the entertainment! 

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So Bella said...

I think higher waist is awesome! I'm sick of low-rise jeans that show the top of my bare butt when I bend over and having a nice muffin top flowing over the waist of them!

I bought a pair at Gap recently and they sit right at my belly button and are perfect! They hold my tummy in :) Where did you get yours? I need another pair!