Friday, November 4, 2011

Dog People

Do you love dogs? We adore our dogs. Three of them, two newfies Cooper and Higgins and a shi-tzu poodle mix maned The Bean, or Beanzie... we collectively call the three of them CootieBiggaBean - one word.  The bean who is 9 pounds rules the roost, I think she is convinced that she is actually a newfie. All three of them bring such joy to our house and our family. I will say that big dogs are a LOT of work. They have minimal energy but lots of hair and they drool. A lot. And they wake you up in the night loud.  But we are "dog people" and we feel like the work is worth it.

Do you think that being a "dog person" or not says something about a person? Do you consider yourself a dog person? I have two friends who are "not dog people" and I'm always baffled by that. How can anyone not love dogs??  A girlfriend of mine is taking family holiday card photos and asked me to do a custom collar with a removable flower for her little dog-- two boys and one little girl dog! She buys Gardenhouse for herself and now she has a little dog to buy for as well ;) Her boys will be wearing red and grey - Maycee too! With a dash of pink thrown in there!
Dogs in Vogue

She of course opted for the coordinating leash...because that's how dog people roll! And I'm sure Maycee also drinks out of a Kate Spade bowl and snuggles under an hermes blanket- yes she does!

Happy Stylish Friday!

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Lara Harris said...

I agree, I don't get non-dog people...I think they are really missing out on something truly special!