Tuesday, October 25, 2011

On Girls

Being a mom of girls has it's benefits (and it's drawback but we like to focus on the positive around here!) Avery is a mini me - 110%! We are planning the re-decoration of her room and she spent some time looking through Elle Decor magazines. She found a vintage chandelier that she loved,  showed it to me and said "I love this chandelier, it would look great in my room. I don't know why these people have it hanging in their family room because it is too small for the room" I looked down to see a chandelier that was too small for the space. I had to laugh. It's crazy! What child knows that at age 8?  Granted she is my baby who not let me put her down for the first 10 months of her life - I mastered every task using just one hand-- even threw a baby shower for a friend with one arm.  She was my clinger for sure - so I guess she has picked up a few things along the way. She also asked for a pinterest account this weekend. And I thought "Why not?" I have never seen anything inappropriate on there and will monitor her boards-- so she's on pinterest! Funny! I had to tell her to get off Pinterest and come eat dinner before it got cold on Sunday night -- so funny. Here is one of her first pins - Hermes Scarves turned Vans by Robert Verdi. She is made of my blood, after all. She is also having a blast pinning hair styles.

You have to know in this house when one gets something, the other is sure to follow. Especially if it is the younger getting something first. Olivia is the typical older child in so many ways. She was born independent-- Walked at 10 months, hit the ground running on the first day of pre-school and asked me to just drop her off for her first day of First grade. She is always cool calm and collected - well, for the most part at least :)  So she is pinning too! Make-up tricks. Some of Olivias best friends have high school sister so they are often "up" on what the high school sect is dong. This is both good an bad - fortunately, the older girls are good role models-- but they have lots of stuff that younger girls want --   like make-up-- from Sephora!

Yes....Sephora! Olivia does not want "fake makeup" any longer- she wants the real deal!  And she would prefer it to come in a kit with instructions so she can practice.  I spent over an hour in Sephora with her and a friend on Sunday. It was fun, but a little crazy! They were the youngest girls in there for sure. I'm on the fence about this one....she will not under any circumstance be allowed to wear make up out of the house so I am trying to just liken it to playing dress up and leave it at that. What do you think....about make-up and 11 year olds?? Real make-up, even though it is just worn for fun. It's an interesting subject. All part of growing up with two girls.

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ps- If you have any great tips on dealing with girl drama - drama within her group of friends-- PLEASE send it my way!!  Thanks! (That's the drawback I am choosing not to talk about.)

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