Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Halloween Decor

Are you a big Halloween fan? I am not. At all. At least not when it comes to decor. The girls always have great costumes and loads of fun trick-or-treating with friends but I am honestly not big into decorating for any holiday other than Christmas. I don't do too much seasonal stuff around the house- maybe change out a throw blanket, a few pillows and a tablecloth but I'm not one to fill the house with twigs and fall leaves. Is that strange? Am I the only person you know who doesn't decorate for fall? Maybe I should start...... 
The usual Halloween shenanigans around here entail carving pumpkins the day before (In my defense--it's still usually so hot that our pumpkins are filled with fruit flies within a day-- they cave in on about day three) throwing around a few glittery, feathery decorations at the front door and hanging a few paper lanterns in the trees-- We live on a cul-de-sac that has only 6 houses and most of them are not home on Halloween so we don't get many trick or treaters so I sort of think, "who am I doing this for anyway??"  Until this year when the girls started grumbling about it. Sooo, I have decided to cave and let them decorate. At first I thought I would just take them to Target and let them go to town with fake spider webs but alas, I just can't do it! So I've been trailing around pinterest (surprised??I know!!) looking for chic, beautiful Halloween inspiration.

I really wanted to do skeletons like this--

 I think it's funny and sort of creepy at the same time-- and i thought the skeletons would look cute if we put some fabric flowers on them (because who doesn't love a flower brooch, right?) But someone poo-poo'd that idea....not mentioning any names, Olivia.  ;)   So it's now back to the drawing board--  I think maybe combining the bats from this

and the pumpkins from the image above might just do the trick....now to just figure out how to work in the fake spider web stuff that the girls are so obsessed with and we're good to go!  What are your Halloween Decor plans??

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Anonymous said...

Hahaaa! You're like me! I want to put a flower on anything ;) I haven't gotten around to decorating for fall due to the fact that my hubby went into the attic to get my fall stuff down and instead found that a rat had made its home up there! EEK! We caught the rat but the fall stuff is still up there, who knows if it will make it down in time ~Prencie

Tina Marie said...

Lovely! I did the bats. We cut them out one year and save them each Halloween now. I don't have an awesome door like that, but I use them inside by my window.

Eeek! Rat, oh, I would just loose it. Hate them.

Mande said...

Love the gold pumpkins! We decorate, the kiddos have their pumpkin art, bats, and spooky ghost pictures all over the house, but my favorite decoration of all is my Gardenhouse pumpkin. LOVE.

able mabel said...

I don't do much for decorating for Fall. Mostly because I don't have the "props".

Love your blog, I found it while blog hopping. My only wish is that you'd make your font a bit darker. My eyes have to strain to read it and I'm not very old. :)

Doris said...

I am Halloween crazy, it is the only holiday besides Christmas that I decorate for (maybe because I love the macabre colors...?) I have yet to post my pics, but I finished decorating last night.
It's strange because I have no children, and I go to my sister's house for trick-or-treat night (we wouldn't get any anyway) so I get to experience Halloween the way I rememe\ber it (i.e., not trick0or-treating inside the Mall! Ick...) and we go to a friend's house for a party rather than host--so the decor is just for hubby and I to enjoy!

BTW, love the skeleton idea--and WITH the fabric flowers!