Tuesday, October 18, 2011


The false impression that cooler weather is here has brought all the great vendors back to the flea market. I only made it half way through today before I was out of money. I picked up a few things for myself and quite a few things to offer all of you on bags as well! Yay! Can you get over the pink earrings?? Yes, hey are GIANT earrings with pink suede and loads of vintage rhinestones. I'm in love with them...would make a fab ring or bracelet.

Also really want to share this with all of you......Target has mylar chandeliers in silver and black for FIVE DOLLARS! In the Halloween section - I picked up four this weekend.  (I did look for them online so I could post a link but I could not find them)  Not sure what I'm going to do with them but my imagination is running wild....we do have two birthdays coming up in the next two months along with a possibly hosting a baby shower...

Any ideas?? 

Happy Tuesday!
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katie scarlett said...

great finds! I'm tying to stay focused on my flea market trips, but I just love that this is the season for so many pretty things. xo.