Sunday, October 2, 2011

Entertain Me - Tapas

Entertaining has always been a large part of my life. Growing up my parents were always entertaining. They were involved in a group that we still loving call "The Gourmet Group" Once a month the Kings, The Smiths, The Bivettos and The Hopkinsons would get together at one couples house for dinner. The host would pick a theme, set the menu and then assign recipes. Each person would come with a prepared dish, wine was involved and they all had a fabulous time! The gourmet group turned into our extended family. Some of my best childhood memories are with all of them-- renting big beach houses and lake houses in the summer, always great food and great times!  And it has gotten better and better over the years. The parties now include all of us...the "kids" who now all have kids.  Fortunately, all of our moms have all passed the cooking and entertaining skill on to us, along with a love of entertaining. Our move to Southern California took us away from our gourmet group so we decided to start one down here. Four families-- three who love to cook-- one who is a shoe in for a fruit plate and anything store bought-- but they are good company-- hopefully Cindy will think about starting to cook at some point;) -- once a month we decided on a theme and get together for a night of friends and fabulous food. Last weekends theme was Tapas.

The food was amazing, the company perfect! I thought it would be nice to share with you the recipes that Brian and I made for the night. They were all very easy and super delish! We made Brochetas de Ternera {Spanish Beef Kabobs} recipe found here. Seriously TDF! The drizzle sauce is scrumptious! Ajillo Mushrooms--  Garlic Mushrooms-- Need I say more about that one?? Garlic. Mushrooms. Yum! Here's the recipe. And Piquillo Pepper stuffed with shrimp salad. Another winner! We could not find piquillo peppers and were in a time crunch so we just bought the small red yellow and orange peppers,  grilled them, and used those instead.  My suggestion on this is strain the shrimp before adding the mayo and add the mayo one tablespoon at a time to taste. I think the recipe calls for too much mayo and ended up only adding about half of what it calls for. Everything was delish!! And there are so many great tapas recipes that it was honestly hard to choose which one to make.

Are you entertaining this weekend? We went to friends last night for dinner and a movie. Watched Bridesmaid which I actually didn't think was as funny as everyone made it out to be. Still entertaining, just not fall on the floor funny like I was expecting. maybe next weekend I'll share the recipes I made last night. I was in charge of desserts. Happy Saturday!
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ps....revisiting this post. Did not even realize it was Sunday, not Saturday until i was just on fb and saw a football post. HA! Kids are on fall break, shiped off to my family up north and B is taking a few days off so it really seems like Saturday! lol.

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