Monday, September 26, 2011


I have a slight obsession with soft spot for rehabbing furniture. I LOVE the old stuff-- as you probably know. But, not everything about the stuff-- most of it needs a little modern touch added to it. And that takes time so you can imagine what this does to ones garage. There is currently a back log of projects on our garage...along with one set of drawers that were painted white and have been sitting there for so long that I am now thinking I may actually want to paint them a different color before I move them into the house. It's a problem, I know. Mr H sorta' thinks it's a problem too! I guess in the realm of problems, though, it's  not the worst one to have right?? 

I have been searching for a desk chair for quite some time. I constantly waiver between wanting to find a traditional desk chair with wheels or something a little less "desk." I have also been searching for a good desk chair for the studio as I really need something on wheel in there as I have three machines set up at all times and would love to be able to easily wheel the chair from one to another. Sooooooo, last week, when I was out and about, I decided too swing by one of my fave thrift stores.....

I spotted this beauty...for $14.99! The beauty of it is that it is all metal. Nothing plastic like so many other rolling desk chairs. I knew it was perfect for either my office area or the studio....but not so perfect the garage! lol. The plan was to get it home and get it redone quickly.

Wa La! Finito. It took me just over an hour and one nasty glue gun burn to remove a few screws cut apart the fabric, put a new cover together, hot glue it and put it all back together. Not too bad! I think this would look completely amaze in a bright fabric-- which will happen at some point. I just wanted to get it done so I used what I had on hand. Still pretty delish don't you think? 

Especially piled high with Gardenhouse goodies! Scarves are in the shop now! Sooo versatile for fall and winter.

Happy Monday! I hope the rest of the week proves to be as productive.
ps-- Tomorrow be on the lookout for a Gardenhouse giveaway and possibly a coupon code for the shop...Gardenhouse is going on sale?? Really?!!?

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Amy Hodge said...

That chair looks great...what a transformation!