Wednesday, September 7, 2011

One of a Kind Wednesday No. 12

I might have gotten just a little carried away last week sewing onesie dresses for my niece. Her daddy likes to watch Formula One car racing so I went with that theme for a couple of the dresses.  Onesie dresses are quick and easy to make - appliqueing a race car is not! ha! Quite a challenge but I worked it out. For sure a one of a kind-- until her daddy asks for another one- I am sucker for that guy too! He's my favorite brother in the whoooole world! And how cute is a race car in SisBoom fabrics? I mean really!!

I may have gone a bit overboard with hair accessories (do you love the vintage millinery leaves?)

 And shoes.....

And this one-- with Jensen Button's logo on it.  (he's Scott's favorite British racer - super H.O.T- go check him out!  This weeks mood lifter maybe?? ) 

Ava is just soooo darn cute. And if she is going to be the face of Gardenhouse to come she had better get the feel for it now! Ya know what I'm sayin'??

Happy One of a Kind Wednesday!
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