Thursday, September 1, 2011

Inspiration Workshop No.13 - Vintage

You can imagine my excitement when I saw the prompt for this weeks Gussy Sews Inspiration Workshop was vintage. Hold on to your hats because I could go on for hours about this one! I'm trying to wrap my somewhat sane mind around all the things I want to say about vintage but not sure I'll get there!
I.heart.vintage.everything. It's pretty much as simple as that. Looking around my house, it is on my walls in the form of mirrors, prints and paintings.  It is on my shelves in the form of dishes as loads of bird figurines! I have an unhealthy addiction to vintage lamps...some of them have not even been re-wired so I won't plug them in but they are just stunning to look at! I'm also loving vintage Vogue covers right now and am trying to figure out how to work those into the house.
Vintage Home
Of course, vintage jewelry. My most resent obsession is 1970's Givenchy necklaces. I.DIE. Just love. Hop on over to etsy or ebay and search "vintage Givenchy necklace" You'll die too!  And the brooches. Let's not forget the brooches. You know what I have to say about those. Unlike anything made today.

What is it that so appeals to me about vintage? Well, number one, things are not made now like they were then. Everything seems to be so cheaply made and superficial now. Vintage pieces have heart and soul and personality that you cannot find on the shelves of Homegoods (not that I don't love me some Homegoods!) or any modern day furnishings store. Their character speaks to me - vintage is in me. (so cheesy!! but it is!) I also love the possibilities that vintage brings.

You can take a not so pretty but well made vintage piece and make it into something fabulous. That is the best part of vintage I think, giving something old a new life! Do you seriously not just drool all over this piece??

Do you work vintage pieces into your world? I'd love to hear how. Stop on over to Gussy Sews for more vintage inspiration.

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Anita said...

That piece IS amazing! I may be biased though; I love all things vintage. It's kinda my thing.

I'm stopping over from Gussy Sews, and I'm glad to have found your blog!

xo, Anita

Earl-Leigh said...

Wow! I NEED that for my apartment. Lurve it!

Mande said...

LOVE vintage! That piece is amazing. Need that in my house. :)
I am a vintage brooch fanatic. They are everywhere! On my jackets, hats, scarves, & even my daughters dolls. :) Also a bit obsessed with vintage necklaces, the chunkier the better, and layered.