Wednesday, September 28, 2011

The cobblers daughter.

"The cobblers daughter has no shoes." Have you ever heard that saying? I find it super amusing as you would think my girls wear Gardenhouse every day, but actually they don't. Avery rocks Gardenhouse often-- she is the queen of colorful little skirts and ruffle tops. But Olivia....I actually stopped making things for her last year as she started to give me the sly eye when I would say "Do you want to wear this today?" holding up a cute dress I had made for her. It seems she has moved beyond Gardenhouse dresses and tops-- until now.

I challenged myself to make something she would not only want to wear, but love to wear. I started with a really fun men's t-shirt from Aeropostale (one of her and her cronies fave shops at the moment)  that had fun vintage looking earphones on it (don't tell her it is anything vintage) and converted it to a fun pillowcase tunic top. She loves it! Yay! Rocked it with a pair of gold leggings, a headband from Blossom Bands and houndstooth Toms. Love that gal in her Gardenhouse! She even wore it to a birthday party - wish she would have stopped to let me snap a few photos but no such luck with her and her 'tude--  toting along her chic little gift topped with a fun hair accessory that I scored for under 4 bucks-- way better than a silly little bow don't you think?

This really is a fun way to dress your child up in a tee of old-- would be perfect for college tee's or even favorite football teams - Olivia's favorite team is the Bengals-- for two reasons, first she loves tigers and second, she originally thought they were called the bagels...and she likes those too! I might have to go out and find a Bengals shirt to convert.   If you are interested in the making of the tshirt dress - there is a great pillow case dress tutorial here, the tshirt seems to be sold out online but this one or this one would be great as well. Ruffle fabric is SisBoom West Indies (the whole line is amazing!) And the houndstooth is from Paula Prass (another one of my all time fave ladies)  This may become my new little obsessions - next to refurbishing furniture of course ;) 

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Amy Hodge said...

That is an adorable idea! Love it! Hope is starting to give me grief about her boutique clothing too. She told me the other day that she only wanted to wear "princess clothing"...meaning, Target Disney clothes...fine around the house, but anywhere else? I think not! And, she's only 4! I am scared of the future:)

Bethany said...

Thank you so much for the shout out! Blossom Bands <3's Gardenhouse!! I need you to make Calia some goodies soon! xx