Tuesday, August 9, 2011

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We snuck away to San Diego for a few days for a little end of summer mini-vacay-- and I really mean mini. Sunday afternoon through Tuesday morning. A jam packed few days away is not exactly a vacation but it was a get-away so I'm not complaining. At the end of last week B mentioned to me that he was gong to be in San Diego on business on Monday and I of course sprung into action "ohhhh we could all go!!" {imagine Mr. H saying that in his trying-to-be-Mrs. H-voice. Always makes me laugh when he tries to talk like me!! The kids had a blast at Sea World and whale watching. Last night Brian I got the ultimate treat -- The royal treatment at a high end suhi restaurant. More sushi than we could imagine and we were beyond impressed!! If you are ever in San Diego, you MUST go to Ono Sushi. TDF!! So now I am home and trying to get back into the swing of things. And dreaming of a fun little project....

image via pinterest
Do you die over this?? Thumb tack art!! Ah, yes please, especially in Miss O's room where she would like" peace and love" plastered all over the walls. So Chic!! My mom come in town at the end of this week.... Painting is on the horizon as is thumb tack art. And a date night with Mr. H. I'm refusing to eat anything but premier grade sushi from now on-- poor Mr. H. His date just got much more expensive :)

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