Monday, August 22, 2011


I have had the urge to start painting lately...inspired by so many amazing images I have seen on pinterest.  I am clearly drawn to watercolor and acrylic. I am for sure going to try my hand at it one day soon, you know, when I get off this re-decorate-the-entire-house kick I am on and when I find another 12 waking hours in each day. Then I will paint beautiful paintings.

Until then, I am painting bedrooms. Can I please tell you,  there is a reason paint is spelled PAINt. Yesterday, Mr.H took the girls to the beach so that I could spend the day painting Olivia's room. We had painted swatches on her wall the previous weekend so knew what we wanted and had lived with it for the week. Perfect! Except the gal at the paint store misinformed me about the sheen of the sample she gave me. And I should have double checked myself as I had that "that's strange" feeling but I didn't. So I chose eggshell as the finish. I honestly have no idea what I was thinking. Why would it be any different than any other paint?? I just sort of took her word for it and went with it!!  Gaaaahhhh.m  I HATE any sort of sheen on a wall. Really. Can't stand it. And Olivia's room is long with windows at one end so the light pours in. So-- to make a long story short...ha ha ha... I got the eggshell paint and painted her room. It took me 4 hours. And it dried. Shiny. With a glare so you could hardly even tell what color it is!  And then I went and got the correct paint. And painted it all again. And today it needs another coat. Dreading it. And then tonigth I'll be up on the ladder trimming around her 10 foot ceilings. I'm trying to focus on the fun stuff that will come next.  Decorating!! Fabrics and rugs and lamps and all sorts...even a little thumbtack art on the walls! PAINt now, Fun later.

And then maybe I will really find time to paint.

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Jules said...

Best of luck on all of your painting adventures!! Some seem a bit more fun than others ;) In the mean time your images are stunning!! I love pieces of artwork and can't wait to see what you do!