Wednesday, August 10, 2011


Our summer days are numbered. 7 to be exact. We will be back to daily routines in one week. I'm looking forward to it but am also trying to make the most of the last few days with the girls around. So instead of sewing for one of a kind Wednesday, yesterday we spent the day baking. Seriously the best cookies eva'!! Brown Sugar Crackles. They are delish!! You can find the recipe here. I highly suggest making them. And they are honestly not that bad for you - as far as cookies go!

Today my mini me and I visited one of our new fave haunts, Fishy Finds in Simi Valley. Piles...and I do mean piles, of antique treasures at insane prices!! We had a blast weeding our way through. Can you believe Miss A loves to do this at age 8??!! Crazy. Miss O is not so into it...she and her BFF spent the day helping their all time fave teacher set up her room for the upcoming school year. So Avery and I had a day to ourselves which was really nice. So would you like to see our finds?? Our Fishy finds (hello, cheesy!)

An insane wicker chaise that I am beyond loving!! And a ceramic bird...which I can never seem to resist! Right now Miss A is out in the garden sitting on the chaise doing fuse beads. Funny how a new piece of furniture can get her to sit still! Wow! We also happened to drive by a Joann Fabrics on the way home I'm usually not one to pass by a fabric store without a quick stop...although I will say I almost never buy fabric at Joanns as they just don't seem to stock anything good. Today I scored the most amazing home dec floral fabric from their red tag rack. One of those that I didn't really need but just totally fell in love with -- So I only bought three yards. And now that I am home I am wishing I had bought the entire bolt as I really realllllyy want it for drapes in our bedroom. And it works really well with another new fave of mine...a nubbly navy chevron (which will ease Mr. H. into the floral drapes!) Might be spending some time in the car tomorrow because yes, I need. more. fabric. ....and I swear I'll get back to sewing one of these days. Soon. Tomorrow. Yes.

Happy One of Kind Wednesday

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