Thursday, August 18, 2011

Inspiration Workshop No.12 - The Front Porch

This weeks Gussy Sews inspiration Workshop prompt is front porch and right now ours is a sad story out there. I have been wanting to re-paint our front door since we move in 6 years ago (eek) and spruce it up since I took down our Christmas decor. I know. Sad. The nails from our Christmas garland are still sticking out of our door surround...not only does it look completely cold and prickly for an entrance, I honestly cannot believe that no one has injured themselves on those! Anyway, I have a peacock feather wreath on the door right now and the door itself is a light green colors-- super boring! I would LOVE to go with a bright color....How inspiring are all of these??
front doors

front doors by simonehowell on
But I don't think Mr. H would let anything bright slide..and I would most likely get sick of it. So I am thinking black. With a pop of color in the form of some fun vases next to the door - and fabric in the window that is currently covered with plantation shutters. Maybe even a fun door knocker. Plants are a no no for me as I am notorious for not watering them-- even though I walk by them at least three times a day! I really don't like that our front door is so uninviting and so un-chic right now!! Might have to stay up late one night sprucing it up out there. It's been on the list foreva'! Paint is waiting in the garage and fun fabric hunt starts now.

ps- If you are looking for some interior door inspiration, the September issue os Martha Stewart Living has some really AMAZE ideas in it! I'll post some when I can get a hold of images on line.

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Denielle said...

Oooo! They're all so fantastic, but I especially love the turquoise (teal?) one!

Christie said...

Agree with the above about the teal door! It is amazing. I want to paint my front door now and put a cool knocker on it.

Anonymous said...

Lady S - My front door has a white trim & the Door is painted Cobalt Blue. This was inspired by all the blue doors you see in Tuscon where the Indians believed that the Blue color kept evil away & brought good luck.

I love a Black door also - so English with a brass knocker but black doors look good on Georgian brick homes - on other homes, it stands out too much. Let us know the outcome.