Friday, August 19, 2011

Cat Call & Couponing

I have a bit of an obsession with animal prints right now. Can you tell by the new bags?? Both are amazingly versatile.

For today's style file, I thought I would share with you what I'm wearing today -- either of these bags could be paired with my outfit. I'm sporting silk sweatpants from Monrow (I linked to their regular sweatpants as I wish I could find a link to them online but I can't) I found mine at TJMaxx last week for $20-- their french terry ones sell for over $100 so I am sure the silks would be more. Yeah baby! Mama loves a good deal! I paired it with a slouchy grey Lycra tee from Gap (that is also no longer available - scored that one day when they were having 40% off the entire store. The shoes....Nine West outlet, BOGO worked out to about $20. And the necklace I made at The Creative Connection Event last year in Kaari Meng's class. (That wasn't cheap! But well worth the money spent!)

Does your hubby ever watch Extreme Couponing and then give you that look like "where are your coupons?" Yeah, mine too! Little does he know that I do coupon -- just not paper ones! All the deals I got above actually saved us money! See I spend nothing! Practically free if you think about how much I actually saved! ha ha ha! Just wait 'til he sees how much I saved on 6 pairs of shoes from Piperlime on Wednesday! 70%! I'm sure I'll have to explain that when the Fedex guy shows up with a box the size of his Caddy! I'll simply say I've been watching too much Extreme Couponing and am just building up my stash like they do!! Yes, that's right. Always thrifty!

Happy Stylish, Thrifty Friday!

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lady S - totally cool ensemble