Friday, August 26, 2011

After the Paint

After the PAINt, comes the fun. Miss O's room is coming together.slowly. I need a staff for the decorating alone! Last night Brian asked if I was sick of having things turned upside down as when I'm redoing anything upstairs I basically empty the room into the hallway. I am sick of it. But the result is always worth the chaos! And I told him that this won't happen again until she is at least in high school. THAT stopped both of us dead in our tracks. HIGH SCHOOL! Gasp! Time goes by waaayyy too fast! Cherish your babies while they are little. I will say the fun part about them growing up a bit is they like cool stuff!

We have been looking for art for Liv's room and she is digging emmakisstina on etsy. Which makes mama happy!   I think we will order "30 lipsticks" for her room. I also really love that geometric acrylicbut cannot find out who it is by so might have to make something similar myself. We'll see how well that goes. Can you spot the Missoni for Target goodies above?? Mark your calendars September 13th. In stores. LOVE.

Happy Stylish Friday. (I'm off for a quick trip to Homegoods!)

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