Wednesday, July 13, 2011

White Water.

As you know, I am on vacay. The shop is closed and I am pining to sew something! I had a few stolen moments yesterday where I thought I would be able to sew a clutch for one of a kind Wednesday {I am serious when I say I packed half a suitcase full of fabric. I know, I have a problem!} but then I realized I didn't pack any magnetic snaps. Does that sound completely insane?? Who packs magnetic snaps when they go on vacation?? lol. So-- I ended up taking a nap!! THAT is a one of a kind for me. I often run on empty and although I could probably take a nap every day, I end up opting for a Rockstar or Red Bull instead..sigh. So yesterday I took a nap! 2 hours!!

image via pinterest

I woke up to fresh pizza cooked in dads outdoor wood burning pizza oven, great wine and a few games of bocce ball. Then I went back to bed! Vacay is good!

Today we went rafting on the not-so-tame American River. Serious adrenaline rush! And no joking around for sure....not a float trip at all.

Work. I LOVED it. And yes, that is our raft-- coming out of an insane rapid! Kids and all. I am seriously still on an adrenaline rush -- hours later! A one of a kind experience-- And now I want to go rafting again! After I take a nap and make a bag or two!

Happy one of a kind Wednesday!

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Cathy said...

OMGosh.....I died on the spot looking at your you think that was fun????? LOL! Anyways, glad you had a nice calm nap! And yummy pizza! tehehehe