Friday, July 29, 2011

Vintage. Vogue.

Image via pinterest.

How amazing are vintage Vogue covers? I DIE! Soooo want to figure out how to work them into my decor. How amaze would it be get them blown up really big and mod-podge them onto a set of drawers?? Sort of like wallpapering drawers-- but better. Hmmmm. anyone have suggestions on how I might do that??

image via pinterest

We have a set of drawers that Brian and I inherited straight out of college and they have been with us ever since. I have painted and stripped them umpteen times. I'll never part with them. The first time I painted them I wrote B+S=TLA under on of the drawers. Keeping 4-eva'! They need a makeover though...a project like this might just be on the horizon. Which is totally what I need after spending the day yesterday feeling like I have wwaaay too much on my plate and wanting to simplify and move closer to family and to the country. Everything is a choice.....I choose to love vintage Vogue...and pile projects on my plate.

Happy Stylish Friday!
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