Friday, July 1, 2011

Thru the door. To the left

A while back I shared some corners of my home with you for Friday's style file and I recieved quite a few requests for shots of the entire room. You ask? You shall recieve!

If you walked thru my front door into our entryway and looked left, you would see this. Our living room complete with a little bit of everything. Eclectic chic with layered rugs-- the top one being a vintage peacock tapestry rug. LOVE!

I have grabbed an odd few hours here and there this week to make new pillows for the couch.

I need one more pillow for these chairs-- totally think and Hermes "H" pillow would be fitting but since we are not made of money I think I'll have to make one.

Plus, then I'll have more money for these things
interior lust

interior lust by simonehowell featuring vintage style dresses

Happy Stylish Friday!

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Amy Hodge said...

I LOVE!!!! So chic, but so comfy chic!!! Have never thought of layering rugs and that peacock rug is TDF! If I visited you, that one might just go missing! XO Amy