Thursday, July 14, 2011

Inspiration Workshop No.7 - Sunshine

This weeks prompt for the Gussy Sews Inspiration workshop is {Sunshine}

Art brings sunshine into my world each day. Here are a few of my faves

image via pinterest
The first painting that has ever affected this thought in me "I need to save my money for that! " It is an original oil from Sarah Ashley Longshore. I HEART her Audrey Series...AMAZING! She is currently showing at Gallery Orange in New Orleans. You should keep up on the Gallery Orange facebook page-- it's a really easy way to broaden your art horizons. Tracy Gielbert is the owner of Gallery orange and has a perfect eye for all things beautiful and modern.

This print is from The Wheatfield on etsy. I really love the colors in it.

And of course one from the fabulous Anne Harwell. She's on of my all time faves.

This hangs in my office area on a brown wall and really looks fabulous.
What brings sunshine to your world? Head on over to Gussy Sews for more Sunshine Inspiration!

Gussy Sews Inspiration Workshop!

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Anita said...

Thanks for the lead to Gallery Orange; I'm going to check it out! I love your choices in this post; so pretty!
xo, Anita