Thursday, July 7, 2011

Inspiration Workshop No. 6 {Pamper Yourself}

This weeks Gussy Sews inspiration workshop prompt is {Pamper Yourself}

I don't spend much time reading books, or getting pedicures so what is it that makes me feel pampered? What do I do to treat myself?? Flowers and Flea Markets....

(image via pinterest)

Fresh flowers in the house for sure are one of my indulgences. We have over 60 rose bushes so almost always have fresh cut fragrant roses in the house ~until August when it gets so hot that they have a hard time flowering so then I head downtown for flowers. That's always a real treat!! I feel indulgent and pampered during a tip to the LA Flower Market.

I also feel completely relaxed at flea're shocked right?? I know ;) I absolutely love perusing rows and rows of eye candy! When I hit my faves I don't put any time limit on myself and I feel completely indulgent in taking my time and not feeling like I have to rush home. So that's how I pamper and flea markets.
Gussy Sews Inspiration Workshop!

How about you? What's your favorite way to pamper yourself? Head on over to Gussy Sews for more pampered inspiration.

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Gussy Sews said...

hey Simone! loving your post! and the colors and pretty flowers you've shared! thanks so much for linking up -- xoxo

Leah said...

Stopping by from Gussy Sews linky up~ Your handbags are simply lovely. You have an eye for fabric and what to put together for sure!

kris {life at the table} said...

we are lucky enough to have 3 rose bushes at our place we rent...i can't imagine having 60! fabulous!

Bailey Jean said...

Fresh flowers are such a wonderful way to pamper yourself! I've become determined to keep fresh flowers around my apartment this year, a nice breath of freshness and fun colors when coming in from classes. And flea markets! They should be added to my list of happy places. So glad to have found you in Gussy Sew's link up!

Corey said...

love these colors! I would swap out the dust for robbin egg blue!!! =D
hmmm just found my new dinning room palette! hehehe