Tuesday, July 19, 2011

A find and a cltuch

I've been so inspired by this photo of an outdoor room found over at Caitlin Creer {crazy inspiration over there! You must go see!) that I am on the quest to make our patio into something similar...but still with my style added to it.

The blue lattice is a must as is some form of stripes, some form or zebra, a geometric print and of course a sunburst mirror.

Yesterday I scored this table at a local thrift shop for $25! Made me sing just a little bit-- yes it did! And it is perfectly lit for photos of a new clutch - which is in the shop- and is a must have!! I cut a ton of new clutches yesterday. Sewing today in a quiet studio sans kids. Stay tuned for a well stocked shop in the next few days. I'm also doing a few fun facebook giveaways - silly random questions... head on over and check it out.

Have a fabulous week!

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