Friday, June 10, 2011

Summer is upon us!

We made it through he school year. It was a rough one for sure. A horrible 4th grade teacher and 4th grade girls that love drama make for a tough year. But we are finished and I am sooo looking forward to a summer where anyone who is in my life is there because they have been invited, not because my daughters card fell into their pile or because they happen to be in the same class as one of my girls. So ready for summer!! For relaxing a little more, working a little more and having more down time. Dinners in the garden or by the pool with the warm summer breeze. I am beyond ready!!

I know I missed the one of a kind Wednesday post. Sorry! (It was the last week of school and we have family in town so it just didn't happen.) and instead of posting it on Thursday, I wanted to commit that day to the Gussy Sews inspiration workshop, I will post it today and do a style file to go along with it. It's a new clutch done in Anna Maria's new line. LOVE it!! Loulouthi is fabulous and perfectly Anna Maria. It speaks to her Greek heritage as well as her love of needlework and florals. It really is fabulous and so boho summer!
Bohemian Rhapsody

Happy Summer Vacation!



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