Saturday, June 18, 2011

Stylish Blog Love!!

It's a new look for Brooch the Subject. What do you think?? Stylish, no? I seriously HEART it! It has been complete bliss working with Sharon of Redbud Designs. She is amazing. I knew the second I saw her work that she would be perfect for the job...and she nailed it. With very little input from me...which is always a treat as I can be a tad... err... picky, shall we say?

(photo via pinterest)

So, lets set the table all pretty-like and have a little party for my new blog and for the best blog designer in the world!! {Do you not die over the colors flowers and details of this table?? GORGE!!} Stylish blog, stylish table. Perfect! Cheers to Sharon!!

I'll be back this weekend with a polyvore. I know how you all look forward to those.

Happy Stylish Saturday - only because my blog was busy on Friday with a much needed makeover!

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Adelina said...


Genevieve Gail said...

Congrats, Simone! So pretty!

Amy Hodge said... usual!

Anonymous said...

Lady S - super cool - love the slide show - go Gardenhouse...