Tuesday, June 14, 2011

It's no picnic on the beach.

At least today it wasn't. Day two of summer vacation. Day two, people!! A rough day. Didn't it sound like we were headed to a blissful summer of quaint breakfasts in the garden and dinners by the pool? Oh yes, it did!

I'll start by saying this...we had a FABULOUS weekend. Saturday night we had a sort of impromptu neighborhood movie night. Think giant screen in our front yard, How to Eat Fried Worms on the projector, popcorn cart on wheels, fire pit and s'mores and plenty of margaritas to go around. We had about 30 kids and parents all lined up ready to watch a weekend movie Cali style.

{Ya, kinda like this but not quite so chic and staged! lol} I just kept thinking to myself "I'm so happy it's summer. What a great start to Summer vacation" We had a rough year with our 4th grade teacher. I could honestly write a book, I tell you. So I have been really looking forward to summer vacation. until today. Oh my. The kids were at each others throats.
I am beyond busy. I have set some very serious deadlines for myself and am frustrated when I do not accomplish what I need. I am focusing again on my patterns, as well as trying to stay up to speed on bags and all my ideas for new designs as the loads of custom maxi women's dress orders I'm getting. The patterns are my main focus-- I have so many that are 75% complete it is honestly silly!! But today I got nothing done. The bickering, emo, girls had my attention for the day-- and not in a good way! I had all these great things lined up for them this summer {you should seriously check out my pinterest board-- cool stuff!!-- and now all I can think about is day camp...and we are two days in! It's not looking good around here!

What are you summer plans---or word of inspiration and advice for me??

Please...do tell.


ps--The day ended with our older daughter having her brand new cell phone taken away, She quickly wrote a note to us and posted it outside her bedroom door. She said she is not coming out until she gets her cell phone back. Hmmmm..... summer vacation is all of a sudden looking rather peaceful again! ;) It also had something to say about don't bother sending food or drinks...yeah, no problem! Argh...10 going on 16!


Genevieve Gail said...

Words of advice? "You can do it!!!" http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VZ2HcRl4wSk Ha! Happy Summer and can't wait to see your new patterns!

Anonymous said...

Lady S - If Paris Hilton can do a reality show called The Simple Life - you could tell Lil Miss that you traded in her cell phone with the less fortunate...do her good deed & get a treat in return. I'm a thinkin that approach may work. Cant wait to see the new creations !

Anonymous said...

I moved to Louisiana from S. Cali and miss it terribly. I would love to sit outside for a movie night, but it is way to HOT and HUMID here and not to mention being eaten by hungry mosquitos. I love your blog.